Prisoner of Love - Lyrics by Carol Douglas

album: Dazed
genre: iMS Songwriting Challenge
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This was for the iMS Songwriting Challenge with Carol Douglas' lyrics. Thanks to VenueStudio for his Mix and Keys!
Prisoner of Love - Lyrics by Carol Douglas
12/15/08 07:05:01PM @tdelecce:
I was drawn to this when I saw Carol Douglas wrote the lyrics as I heard her with Dawny D over at the click. Her lyrics are top notch by the way. This is a very pretty song. Vocals are very good.
09/05/08 07:12:28PM @sharon-drury:
Wow... I am impressed! Excellent production! I must agree with LEXZ... although this song deserves more than just a CD. The lyrics are fantastic, but you have made this song a classic with your superb performance, both vocal and instrumental and yes the reverb adds a nice touch.... love the melody so moving!


07/09/08 09:45:35PM @henry-tarnecky:
Sensitve and well structured piece... the vocals carry the piece extremely well and deliver the emotion... Carol's lyrics are quite good... very genuine. Enjoyed this one Dazed!
07/09/08 09:32:59PM @chronamut:
hmm.. I like the use of strings with the guitar - this sogn definitely feels lighter - and not so in your face as "desperate man". I also love the reverb - really makes it sound live :)

I really don't have anything constructive to say about the structure of the song - all sounds really good! I like the chorusing of your voice too :)

and as selftort mentioned I also love the absence of drums - make it more like a ballad :)


06/11/08 05:15:40PM @soundtrapper:
Great job on this Dazed. I've listened to it many times and wanted you to know I think it's ace.


Paul Oakley
06/07/08 10:28:27AM @paul-oakley:
The seriously high quality of the production leaps out straight away, but only because the song is so good. Like Brian, I like the absence of the drums - just as you think it's building up it drops down again and keeps you wanting more (the end took me by surprise too!)

Top song, performance and production!!


05/28/08 08:41:32PM @digger-stone:
and don't even get me started on the mix, venue / kent has it goin on!
05/28/08 08:40:10PM @digger-stone:
bro i never read the words, never even new about this whole deal!
all i can say is im blown away, the words were amazing, and your voice is as soalful { if not more so } as i'd ever heard it.

BTW:nice **** guiter work in there too!


05/22/08 09:39:53PM @hydrogen3:
Beautiful Song! Holley
05/22/08 06:23:05PM @mark-cloutier:
a beauty of a song carol and dazed--nice voice you have man--soft and soulful--picking is sweet with pleasant tone!! enjoying the arrangement and everything about it!!!cheers man!!! nicely written carol!!
05/14/08 01:37:36PM @tcp:
ok Dazed....LOVE your vocals and vocal line. Very very strong presence, feeling and spot on pitch. Great stuff. Acoustic playing and sound is just wonderful. Perfect for this song. Excellent interpretation of how this song should be. ~Blake
05/10/08 12:26:42PM @strum:
Hi Dazed,

Beautiful take on Carol's song. Your production is excellent, love the sound of the strings. Great piece!


05/10/08 12:21:38PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Yet another side of this multi talented man!!!! You never cease to amaze me my friend. Absolutely beautiful song.
05/05/08 10:59:29AM @our-blue-moon:
Great take Dazed !!!

Man very nice playing and vocals of your take. Great atmosphere and open feeling. I think the song sits in there really well. Kudos and keep up the great work. 8)

Am too am amazed at all the different ideas we all got from the same lyrics.


Chris Georgiou
10/09/08 08:01:28AM @chris-georgiou:
What a great song, breaks every wall of prisons. You re really a fantastic musican, composer with a heart of gold, love it. kind regards Chris
05/09/08 03:50:58AM @mike-lynn:
This is remarkable. Very good rock ballad with haunting guitars. Another dimension to the set of given lyrics.
05/09/08 02:24:40AM @ijenneh:
Beautiful production and really nice vocals. The guitar is very good. Enjoyed stopping by and listening.
05/04/08 09:46:19PM @self-tort:
I'm amazed at the diverse versions of this song that are appearing. This is a really lovely passionate version Dazed. I like the absence of drums....it really gives the track a vulnerable quality that is perfect for your take on the lyrics. Lovely picking and nice bass. Excellent vocals. Great work



Rob Grant
05/05/08 12:17:26PM @rayon-vert:
Well... :-) ...TOP ADJECTIVES JOB, from one of my FAVE Vocalists.
Really loved the bass lines and tone on this and the acoustic chord progression is sweet. SUPER PRODUCTION!!!

Dan Falvey
05/12/08 03:05:56PM @dan-falvey:
Lovely melody brought to life by a great arrangement and some fine guitar playing and vocals.
05/06/08 05:58:21PM @hook-tree-road:
NIce bass tone and love those melodic bass lines.

Great vocals and vocal treatment too.

And great job on your part of the songwritting, your music really works great with these lyrics.

05/09/08 12:46:39AM @ab2:
Fabulous vocal from you here Dazed...This one reminds me a little of "Sylvia`s Mother" I loved that song back then, and I`m really enjoying this one now...Carol sure has talent as a songwriter to be reckoned with... Great guitar. Everything about this one works perfectly....
A lovely listen..

Peace n love mags xx :-)

05/05/08 08:57:44AM @lex-zaleta:
That Carol Douglas can write them! in fact, I think they named the compact disc in honor of her. This song should be on CD's next CD for sure, and not just this song, but this version. You have captured the eseence of the lyrics perfectly, cut right through to that "heart of gold" Carol writes about. Superb playing and singing - and the production makes sure we don't miss any of it. Hmmm, maybe CD is really Carol Dazed.
05/05/08 09:36:48AM @tlt50:
Super...songwriting,awesome vocals ! The backing tracks fit the vibe on this take most perfectly.Damn' fine work....Mr.Dazed !!!

Larry T....*****


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