Christmas Eve - 2007

album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Holiday
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Our submission for the 200j IMusicScene Holiday submission. Warren Peese - Drums - Bells Floridamusic - Keys - Mix - Master Dazed - Guitar - Bass - Vox
Christmas Eve - 2007
01/03/08 08:12:39AM @the-deep:
I love hearing this now,, Jan 3,, because i had a great christmas holiday,, but it now fades for another year,, and this song makes feel it right here right now.

Dazed,, the highest mark of this track to my hearing , is your vocal. Perfect rock voice-- excellent voice!!!!! the real deal. Fine work. Loveable song.!!!!!!!!

12/30/07 01:03:16PM @aparition:
I agree with all reviews! I would have to add this comment. To my feel, the singer's track is too low. It should be given a little enphasis to it's power and low end spectrum. I advice my students: When doing actual SONGS, that is with a singing part, the voice should be given preponderance, as the most important element. Instrumentals are mixed slightly different. Enphasis varies, focusing on the lead part. Don't be shy with the lyric part.
But in general.... Very refreshing and delightful to listen!

12/23/07 09:12:34AM @henry-tarnecky:
Hey.. this has a great relaxed rock feeling ..... delivering a wonderful Merry Christmas message. Well done on many levels... music, lyrics, vocals and production quality! Especially nice vocal harmonies.....! Really good one.
12/23/07 05:56:52AM @ab1:
a toast to our host.. leading the way into the christmas holidays.. wish come true.. some holiday songs for and from you.. this is sweet enough for the little kids.. and soulful enough for us big kids.. nice singin as always dazed.. I dig your god given voice brother.. and it sounds like you humble and grateful for your gift.. which is exactly as it should be..
warren and dazed.. thanks for the lovely song and the great music site.. i wish you both and your families a very merry christmas and happy new year.. looking forward to 2008 here.. you hear?.. lol.. cheers.. :-)

12/23/07 04:47:31AM @diva:
Oh, yeah, this is a winner. It has such a great vibe and some nice changes. Production sounds dead-on to me. Love the harmonies, and the jingle bells are perfect -- not overdone. Thanks for the great stocking stuffer. You have a hit here.
12/23/07 04:12:30AM @pyramis:
Excellent tunage guys.Heard this last night and really liked it.Excellent work !

12/23/07 03:28:33AM @mike-lynn:
This is what I called "saving the best for last". A very nice & upbeat seasonal song with brilliant recording quality. Merry Christmas.
12/23/07 12:05:01AM @tlt50:
Beautiful originality...............Great groove,excellent,lush vocals and production. The bells were Right On !! You got ta' have some bells IMO. Oustanding work by all concerned.........!
12/23/07 12:02:44AM @steph-klish:
Happy Holidays
Clean Recording,Great Holiday Track,Cool Lyrics Vox & Backing Voxs Great.Very Good Track

12/22/07 10:20:30PM @rob-hanlon:
Excellent production and great tune!
12/22/07 10:15:33PM @surfnorthwest:
You know I have heard a bunch of Christmas songs on this site and others, and this is the first one that I heard that is a absolute hit. The recording is professional and the lyrics just tell a innocent story with a happy rythem.

This is very good work here,and totally worthy of a download.


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