Lovers and Losers

album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Rock
streams: 475

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This is a new one from us. Was a fun track to do and Dazed and WP did a excellent job on it. Dazed: Lyrics, Vocals and Bass Guitar Warren Peese: Drums...
Lovers and Losers
09/24/09 11:34:04PM @omegamon:
had to do 3 for 3 and i'm glad i did...love that vocal production on the hook, my friend at Korg, Jack, who helped develop all the M-series keyboards would love this...thanks again man, rock lives forever bro, the solo is perfect...all heart and soul...thanks ;)
06/05/09 01:45:46AM @anaji:
"lovers and losers are both the same"

I definitely agree to that.

Fine work, in music, lyrics, and vocals.


Luca Wulf
07/07/08 02:53:24PM @huge-artist:
Yeah,ths is CLASS.
From the opening momments,it's a song you want to listen to.
It's the sort of song you cannot walk away from.
Beautiful verse and on into the power of the chrous.
Every aspect of this appeals to me.
The rise and fall of the song structure,the awesome vocals,the oh so beautiful guitar,and that vast wash soundsape.
It all just adds to a track I feel all the better for just sitting back and listening to it.
I will add,as a slide player,I cnnot help but love when folks play the slide,providing it lifts off into the blue,and this does in a way that so VERY few can actualy do.
It just flies into the sky,superb,standing ovation for that and the entire song.


03/03/08 08:06:56AM @stu:
just caught this on your player... this is very very nice work..!!
takes me back... a real nice slow piece that just washes over me.. :)

well played... well mixed... well chuffed man.

02/20/08 03:35:26PM @tealish:
I love this! About love and relationships but not the romantic kind like walking on the seashore. You three blend well together. This is one of my favorites!


02/15/08 03:35:51PM @six-string-vandals:
I love the guitars in the Chorus that just builds and builds!! This is a great song. This is a pro mix, no doubt. Its very clear and well done. I loved it. Oggi-SSV
02/12/08 08:43:07PM @ijenneh:
Very clear recording. Lovely guitar work. Polished.
02/12/08 06:25:50PM @ian-rushton:
I had to see what all the fuss was about... ;)
Glad I did! This one is competently executed at every level; performances, production and mix. Great work by all!

02/12/08 02:04:55PM @alan-stewart:
great tune.. guitars sound awesome... and of course... mix is top notch
02/12/08 01:01:10PM @hook-tree-road:

The performances and production and writing, it's all coming together here. Congrats guys.

I can hear some Texas Eric Johnson influence (I saw you list him as an influence). (I was lucky enough to stumble upon him in the early 80s at a small club and have been a fan ever since).

This is just such high quality. Thanks for posting.


02/11/08 01:04:38PM @chrickon:
What a great sounding track !! Great performance all !! Think Florida deserve a special comment on his really tasty and great guitarwork on this ! Awesome !!

02/10/08 02:51:32PM @sandz:
I enjoyed this one. Great job on the vocals and the arrangement of the song is great! I can feel the vibe on the guitar solo very expressive. Keep it up!
Grumpy Old Player
02/10/08 02:34:58PM @thedonsterproject:
Another great track guys.

Special shout-out for the slide and guitar work - really stood out as stellear. The echo on that slide gives it a great haunting effect.

Standing O!

02/10/08 11:02:23AM @mark-reed:
I may ruffle a few feathers here, firstly the track is great, production is very good, almost too good. I never felt any soul from this number.
Rob Grant
02/10/08 06:17:53AM @rayon-vert:
It's a group like yours and songs like this, that will break the "Indie" underground. This is nothing short of TOP of the LINE material. I love the ghostly slide guitar, the bass tone is superb.....and Dazed........your vocals are SUPERB!! LOVE IT!

02/10/08 04:19:39AM @ab1:
got to hear what my fave singer is up to.. yep got to agree first that the guitars are sexy.. what a great mix.. wish i could have live drums on my tunes man.. lucky dude.. :-) so
as anticipated.. I love your melody and singing D.. is tha you on the lead? quit saying you aren't a lead man will ya? that was tasty.. and just right for the tune.. love the dynamic difference between the verses and hook.. damn that's an awesome progression in the hook.. great that you develope that section on it's own.. make it long and strong.. it rules this song..
a really fine dramatic song with great lyrics.. thanks gents :-)

02/10/08 02:44:53AM @robert-smith:
Oooh - nice big sound. Excellent guitar throughout. Its a very expansive sound, with and excellent contribution by all. You guy's really have an impressive body of work behind you now. Everything just slots in so well. That slide guitar on the way out - excellent!
02/10/08 01:01:01AM @brian-mattson:
Production is what hits me at first. I'm comfortable knowing I'm in for a good listen. You don't dissapoint! Vocals, are excellent and the guitars are stellar! Solid performance by all. Congrats!
02/09/08 10:20:12PM @michael-nunley:
Wow- first shot at ya ! (g)
Nice clear guitar groove. Solid Drums great mix... hummm , have I said this before?
Hey, I love the lead on this one. Bluezy and deep. It's a hit guys. Great project.

02/09/08 10:25:26PM @shane:
cool !! it's back !! - the music is so sweet that it makes me want to start saying loads of compliments !! but ill try instead to define a few things that strike me from hearing this ,,

Immediately, the productions opens to view with a very smooth and gorgeous sound. The singer sounds big time perfect.- tone and melody, expression etc.

I love Love the guitar tone, which we hear clearly at the beginning of the track. Beautiful clean crisp sound. Then when the distorted rythm comes in, it is very pleasing to the mind because of smooth tone.
i LOVE the transition at 1.34 - where it enters into the lead break.

cool cool lyrics. Man !! ,, you guys should feel pleased with this great production.

By about 2.30,, something is going on that , is the first thing to raise a question mark in my listening. It's constantly voicing slide guitar in the back. It's a slide played lead guitar i think. It's heavily washed in delay.
That item seems to continue non stop through the ending of the track. It does add a sense of build up.. but my brain was pickimg up on it being a bit too constant - ans sometimes becoming too appearantly washed in heavy delay.

well ,, there you have some of my honest reactions in hearing this fine production,, Lovers and Losers.

02/09/08 11:08:47PM @tcp:
Wow!! Really, really dig this style. Somehow it reminds of a perfect genetic hyrid of the lighter side of Blue Oyster Cult and the vibe of The Doors (like maybe When the Music's Over...). Maybe I'm crazy. Anyway, great vox and sound! Everything really very solid. Love the rhythm and lead guitars. Bass and drumming excellent. Really nice chord progressions in this song. Dazed, your voice and bass is great man. WP your drums sound great like your playing. FM some wonderful guitar work. Fave button for me.... THANKS! Peace~Blake
02/09/08 10:55:19PM @stratoace:
I dont know much about production/mixing and the such..but i like this alot...everything sounds good to me..
02/10/08 12:20:38AM @bri-an:
This toon is just SO proper. Very well written and performed!
love it!!

02/09/08 11:26:46PM @rob-hanlon:
Excellent production and powerful perfomance by all.
Very nicely done.

02/15/08 03:34:41AM @mike-lynn:
Another professional track with haunting guitars. Just very solid & heavy on the mind.


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