All Hallows Eve

album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Halloween
streams: 438

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Well I would say we are extremely late with this one, my apologies I'm afraid I put us behind on it. Anyway, here is our track, it was another fun one though...
All Hallows Eve
04/27/09 01:23:04PM @mark-reed:
Been a while since chance allowed me to your sight. I never quite realised just how much material you have on it. This is one hell of a number, the instrumentation is seriously well done, but the way you put those lyrics across just makes this one shine great performance well done
Luca Wulf
12/20/08 02:37:30PM @huge-artist:
Well the 100oth review had to go to you didn't it :)
Only fitting :)
A HUGE thank you for giving me a place to be and to listen and share with all these great folks here.
So,here weare,helloween already?
My word I must have been reviewing for quite some time, funny doesn't seem that long.
We were headed towards christmas when I started :)
Yep,would make a very nice song to a movie soundtrack, one of the "Scream" films perhaps
Or "I still know what you did last summer still 3:The revenge" LOL
Very carefuly crafted atrmosphere and eXCELLENT lyrics and vocals mate,spot on.
Seasons greetings,merry everything :)
From us both:
Nigel and Sue (Sirens)

11/15/06 05:10:07AM @robert-smith:
Its got the feel alright. Sounds like you had fun.


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