No One Cares About

album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Rock
streams: 761

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the time has come our worlds may collide tragic events when politicians arrive can they survive and make it on their own all in time the story will unfold...
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This is our only Political song to date. Dazed did a great job on these lyrics and the vocals and the blend between his guitar and mine worked out well in my...
No One Cares About
09/07/10 01:09:18PM @mark-reed:
I've heard a lot of your numbers recently, this is One of my personal favourites. Another quality backing, which allows you to show what you can really do. Great song with a polished performance all round. Nice one mate
07/27/08 04:28:37PM @blue-sahara:
Finally, I get to review one of your songs, Dazed. I've heard it on the show last night (well, today on the re-broadcast rather). Just wanted to tell you (once again) how much I appreciate your music. Your partnership with Floridamusic really shines, always has. Your wonderful vocals which (still) reminds me of Don Henley, are a great asset to all of your songs. 'No one cares about' is no exception. Great performances all over the plays! Very nice.

03/09/08 03:40:49PM @ab1:
this has a slow burn feel to it.. those vocals are steamin.. love the vocla change to the second phrase.. then the harmonies.. one of your best vocals man.. and I've heard a lot and they're all good.. the breaks and leads are an awesome change.. that much more powerful when the gorgeous vocals come back.. your lyrics here steal the show for me dazed.. awesome song brother.. powerful.. meaningful.. great playin guys.. strong groove..
01/16/08 07:25:36AM @the-deep:
Me again, first lemmee apologise for the mess i made in the review of 'The Other Side'. The couple lines at the bottom of that review should have been deleted-- that was just scratch when i was trying to find the words.

No One Cares About,,, ok a strong point that grabbed my interest straight away is the orchestration at the very beginning. Clever and inviting sound.

The overall sound quality of this track seems tinney ,, that might be my speakers though.

the vocal and the lead guitar are the highlights for me in this track,, also the melody unfolds in a deep way. !!

Farrell Jackson
01/07/08 11:23:15AM @farrell-jackson:
I dig the heck out of that opening guitar rhythm. The delayed tone is just so grabbing and backed tastefully with an unconventional drum beat. Great words and vox. Wow, here comes a killer slide solo! Well done all!


Luca Wulf
01/05/08 05:27:57PM @huge-artist:
Have quickly become accustomed to your vocals...
They are always beautifuly done...
Such a soulful voice,always fully experessing the emotions of the lyrics.
So,full marks for them,always.
Then we have the rest...
Very nice rhythm section,SOLID bass end,and beautifuly done guitars...
That slide lead break absolutely stole the show!!!
Love that to pieces.
Another great song guys.
Beautiful to sit back and listen to.


11/08/07 03:49:14PM @mark-cloutier:
no one cares--hi there--you be rocking and love the power guitar underneathe passionate vocals!! you guys obviously care!! cheers from mark!!
10/01/06 04:50:13AM @chrickon:
WOW ! Awesome !!!!!!
Loved the guitars on this one, well i loved everything Mix, production, playing, singing...............
Great great job all.

09/29/06 09:59:52PM @atavist-music:
I'm on my third listen and it gets better every time. I am stunned by that sound it all gels so well, nice guitar, smooth bass and very good drums. Oh and the production is top notch, well done guys you have surpassed yourselfs.


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