Nothing Left To Hide

album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Rock
streams: 781

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Warren Peese - Drums FloridaMusic - Mix, Master and second guitar solo Dazed - Guitar, Bass, first guitar solo & Vocals
Nothing Left To Hide
Luca Wulf
08/19/08 04:42:25PM @huge-artist:
Cool song mate...
That guitar riff keeps things moving nicely.
Deep bass end.
Again,classic Dazed vocals,never anything less.
That soaring lead was VERY VERY nice indeed.
But beyond specifics,it's just a song that sits well with the listener.
It flows,builds and releases all seamlessly.
Very much enjoyed.

02/02/08 09:39:09AM @bri-an:
hey...i like stumbling onto hidden gems...this is a powerful release of energy...nicely put together and delivered...love the chord structure here...the makings of a winner to my ear holes.
musicianship is tight...played with content.
excellent work boyz! Enjoyed.

11/22/06 06:00:44AM @robert-smith:
I love this! Excellent work all round. Nice big three piece kinda sound. You guy's would sound good live, and I would pay to see it.


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