Love Conquers All

album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Blues
streams: 707

  Song Information
Warren Peese: Drums, Lead Guitar Dazed: Lyrics: Vocals and Bass Guitar Floridamusic: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Mix and Mastering
Love Conquers All
09/30/10 04:52:42PM @the-humblers:
Nice tight performance from the first note. Good use of effects on the vocals without washing out in reverb and echo. Good arrangement and weaving of the guitar throughout.

11/10/09 01:36:30PM @the-righteous-blues-band:
Great song. The vocals were awesome, and the playing was great also. Very cool...
01/30/09 04:48:15AM @henry-correy:
Hi Dazed,
Just returned for another hit of this fine tune !...Good lyrics and vocal phrasing with that cool melody and grooving bass playing !
Well done !

11/14/08 02:43:20AM @henry-correy:
Excellent..Excellent..Excellent !!!...Now this is the kind of Blues I love !...Passionate vocals...excellent lyrics and superb guitar soloing !..Truly Well Done !...Henry
09/12/09 01:43:56AM @soundtrapper:
This is excellent.Well written and produced.The vocal is ace.Reminds me of one of my fav bands - Jefferson Airplane. Congrats on a winner. very good stuff-jeff
10/05/08 10:53:08AM @steakbone:
Ahh nice blues rock! Great mix, great vocals. All around good job...
07/12/08 02:11:03PM @zzaj:
Excellent (& strong) blues feelings evoked when listening to your talented vocals & well-crafted lyrics here... I'm diggin' that lead guitar muchly, too! GR8 track, Dazed... pleased to hear you!
Rob Grant
02/10/08 06:24:50AM @rayon-vert:
How in the world, did I miss this song?!?!?! Superb Song.....and I'm just in awe....Seriously!! Every once in a while the new song thread gets so crowded......I miss some material. I need to go back more than 3 pages, I see....FANTASTIC and THANKS for sharing your music :-)

Luca Wulf
02/06/08 03:48:01PM @huge-artist:
I could have swore I had reviewed this...
Perhaps it was listening to it on Nexus radio the other night...
Well,to be honest,you are another one of those artists that simply doesn't ever put anything out there that doesn't shine and radiate class.
I heard you refered to as IMS Eagles :)
A great comliment indeed,but I will say this much...
Eagles,I could take or leave,depending on what album we were talking about.
But this track,radiates class,top to bottom,whatever aspect you look at.
The one repeated statement as the hook:"Love conquers all"
Incidently I wrote a song of the same name,more in the style of Zepplinesque Blues,and not a patch on this.
There are 2 vocalists I constantly refer to as the best,Shane,and your goodself,and with the AWESOMKE project you guys have built here,it just all rings of CLASS.
My congrats to ALL of you,you are a tour de force.


01/29/08 05:59:35PM @david-c-deal:
Killer blues feel and "scratching" guitar riffs. Quality tune and arrangement.

01/28/08 09:10:24PM @maxidogma:
Nice work, I love it. Collaboration is a wonderful thing. The vocals suit the track awesomely. I'm listening and can't stop. :) ps. Thanx for the welcome to IMS and the nice review of my first upload.
01/24/08 09:46:57AM @ab2:
Fabulous vocal here, musically brilliant....Love it...This is sounding cooler than cool. Great chorus, sounding very John Lennon...Can`t fault this and would`nt want to...Excellent listen...Excellent...:-)

Luv n hugs xxx
Mags :-)

01/21/08 12:38:14PM @lex-zaleta:
Top shelf all the way! Fine accompaniment, well arranged, and shining vocals, well recorded and mixed - together a major player waiting to be discovered by a label.
01/19/08 10:46:46AM @bilbozo:
Very nice track. Love the whole thing...all the elements are fantastic from the instruments to the vox, not to mention the writing. This is very commercially saleable and should be heard !
01/17/08 06:56:06AM @mark-cloutier:
love conquers all--yeah it does and the opening line is catchy--the whole song is catchy for that matter--enjoying the chord progression and clean picking--very nice vocal performance--right on--makes for a pretty cool blues tune--tasty lead work--fits the song perfectly!! mark
01/13/08 09:38:45AM @wrightdude:
Excellent blues piece... vocals are very compelling! congrats!
01/08/08 07:40:02PM @jim-sexton:
Everyone has covered this tune to a tea. Great work on the vocals as well as the performances and of course the mix.
01/08/08 08:17:00AM @the-deep:
Nice one- again,, the vocal is star here. I like the melodic body of this song. The lyric hook,, Love cpnquers all,, comes in with a perticularly good fit. seems equal to mainstream kind of songs.

At the beggining of the track,, well, wait,, let me listen again and check,, - ok i just started the track over to check something: when i first heard the track,, i thought i little bit that there might be something cluttering the sound a little bit. I listen over a few times, and ,, it's no real problemm,, all seems ok there at the beginning,, but,, the culprit that pricked my ears is the the lead guitar rif at the very intro- the riffing that ends at about 0.14 . You could perhaps break the mold there and try something more sparse. make the entry a slight less cluttered.

i'm not picking fault- just sharing some of the subliminal thoughts i had in first hearing. i could be way off too, so don't listen to me if im wrong --lololo

cool --

01/07/08 10:54:08AM @chrickon:
This is great !! Great sounding mix and performance by all of you. Like the airy arrangement on it too.
Awesome collab.

01/07/08 09:38:04AM @brian-mattson:
Solid, I love the attention to detail! Everything works so well together. Guitar tones cut through and you can always hear the backing tracks. Nice job on this guys!
01/07/08 07:48:49AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Excellent piece guys. The entire song runs together so smooth!! Mix as usual is top notch with the Fla magic to it. Nice Git playing there Warren, I really enjoyed it. Overall, a great groove and a massive mix!!
01/07/08 04:28:29AM @diva:
Not much more I can add to the chorus of reviews here --- but I have to say the vocals are truly exceptional. The mix and the musicianship, as always, simply shines.
01/07/08 03:49:47AM @pyramis:
I see the resident IMS supergroup is at it again.
Great song guys,and damn good performances by everyone,even the guy who justs hangs around musicians :)

01/06/08 10:39:06PM @ian-rushton:
Wow! That's one massive sound - nice work on the mix! Vocals are superb as are all the performances really. AND, a great song too!
Good stuff! Glad I checked this one out! :)

01/06/08 10:28:00PM @tlt50:
Smooth......sweetness.!! The vocals work, sooo, perfectly.Yes, the space, quality musicianship and production, take this track to an elevated status. Damn' fine work........gentleman !! SUPERB..
Larry T........

Farrell Jackson
01/06/08 10:06:25PM @farrell-jackson:
Really nice, full sounding mix with sparce playing. It works quite well and leaves a lot of room for the excellent vox and guitar work to come through. Nice one!


01/06/08 09:45:09PM @rob-hanlon:
Excellent tune and a great mix. I really like the vocals and melody, guitar and WP-the drums sound great.
01/06/08 09:32:37PM @self-tort:
Great use of space in this track produces a really classy blues track. Excellent rhythm section and sparse rhythm guitar are a perfect foundation for some great vocals. Lead playing nice and fluid. Lovely work.
01/06/08 09:14:50PM @steph-klish:
What a cool track,This is so smooooooooth and well put together.
Like R said - great mix.
Every thing is perfect guys.
Love it.

01/18/08 09:43:32PM @buddrumming:
I think they should call you Guys "the music masters' ...what a beautiful track...I think this track Conquered me....awesome music..Thx, Bud


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