Ride Into The Sunset v2 w/Ked

album: Dazed
genre: Rock
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An updated version with GuitarDoctor adding some rhythm and electric guitars!
Ride Into The Sunset v2 w/Ked
carol sue
04/22/20 07:15:45AM @carol-sue:
Spinning some oldies but goodies! :)
Now I'm curious.. what ever happened to Ked?
Hope you're doing okay @ked-records
Great hearing this cool tune again! ::encore::

10/02/10 12:21:12PM @mark-reed:
So this is the re-worked version. I had to hear the original again just to male the comparison. To be honest both versions are excellent. Another quality performance all round nice work
10/17/10 08:11:15PM @new-user-test:
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Incarnate Word
03/10/10 08:34:34PM @incarnate-word:
This has a much more boom and airy sound. I think I like the first version better I think because it was in its original conception. great job anyway though.
07/04/09 09:13:33PM @vesa:
Love the guitar tone...great expanding progression...good solid vocals. I'm enjoying the rhythm and fine percussion to move it. Good guitar in the mid back...aell arranged. Most enjoyable rocker. Like the 'title'-catchy. EXCELLENT artistry. Most enjoyable Dazed. -Great!
-Your friend. -Vesa.

02/19/09 06:58:47PM @self-tort:
This is a great song. Very catchy melody line and rhythm. Love your vocals, and Ked's doing some stellar work on that guit of his. Superb



07/06/08 05:30:14PM @ked-records:
When I first joined this site it was called GuitaristWorks. The first bit of recording work i did was with Dazed on this song. The pure unbridled joy of playing on this song I cannot convey to you in any words. Dazed gave me the bed trax and i added two rythym passes and one lead pass. I absolutely love this song from the moment I heard it in its basic form.. To be asked to play on it.. well that was just incredible. I have often said to Dazed if he ever wants to form a real serious rock band i would be all over it like a kid on ice cream!!! I cant thank him enuff to this day for letting me play on this incredibly well written tune.
12/11/07 07:28:37PM @markm:
I really like both guitar parts on this. Working really well together. The whole song has a really nice groove. Good rock.
11/17/07 09:04:49PM @tlt50:
The first thing that catches my ear(s) is the rock solid bass lines and placement in the mix.Great guitar work... the tones,textures and production are first rate.So much a classic sounding track.
The musicianship displayed is a pleasure to listen to. very cool !!


11/17/07 03:32:43PM @piperon:
This is like a recall from the 80's - I like this swinging tune when I was glowing up. It seems they don't go away from my head. LOL! I like what I am hearing now, quite right to the mood now - staying alive to wait for the Sunrise instead. LOL!
11/12/07 03:18:00PM @rookie:
hi dazed and thanks for your reviews (you were right no windshield lol)
this is a really strong sounding rock song, loving the guitar tone and playing, vocals are good if not a bit on the quiet side, will be back to listen to more.
all the best dave.

11/06/07 11:05:04PM @ace-layton:
Good solid rock song with really great guitar! Especially loved the lead tone! Vocals rock, as they do in all these tracks! Drums always solid! You guys sure have a tight solid and clean sound - and I really appreciate that!!!


11/04/07 07:01:45AM @corrado-rossi:
Hi and thanks for your reviews!
Cool song, excellent guitar s work and global sounding.
The voice sounds very nice, I like the sound.
And the guitar solo fits perfectly.
Maybe the voice sounds a bit low in the mix?
Really enjoyed!!
Cheers, Corrado :)

Rob Grant
11/01/07 05:16:59PM @rayon-vert:
Definitely like v2 better. It seems it has more drive and punch. I liked the backing guitar leads, they add to the drive. Real nice sounding rhythm guitar tone. Very nice arrangement, great mix..........the lead kinda smokes back there......cool!! GREAT JOB!!



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