album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Rock
streams: 780

  Song Lyrics
Shadows your never alone no matter what they say even in death i'd never stay away i'm by your side holding your fragile hand wishing i could touch you once...
06/09/09 03:44:28PM @brian-mattson:
Excellent vocals on this broody track. It doesn't get any better than this as a solid rock ballad. Guitar is very tastfully done, as is the rest of the instrumentation.


Farrell Jackson
11/29/08 10:54:10AM @farrell-jackson:
A great song and vocal performance Dazed! I liked the ringing acoustic guitar notes. The backing vox are great but I found myself wanting to hear them a little more distinguished from the lead vox in the first chorus. After that they work well. In fact the ooooo's section and through to the ending, you've nailed the vocal separation to a tee! Overall excellent!


07/20/08 02:26:18PM @lex-zaleta:
Lots of claims that indie music surpasses the labels ... some hold up, and some don't. This tune doesn't leave any "Shadows" of doubt. It would be a giant killer in the marketplace. Top quality arranging, playing, and singing that could not be improved upon by any high-ticket studio.
07/12/08 07:12:28AM @syngularity:
Love the rhythm guitar and the lovely string atmosphere... Arrangement of the vocal harmonies is superb. What I like most about your songs is the clear and catchy expression with a straight-forward structure and yet very personal ways and the master depth of composition & bringing it to soulful live.
04/25/08 05:14:01PM @tcp:
Really enjoyed this Dazed...some great vocals and harmony and everyone is on their game. Well conceived piece wrapped in a wonderful production. This song should be noticed! Superb!!! ~Blake
Luca Wulf
04/23/08 11:55:29AM @huge-artist:
Another cracking collab guys.
Has a real band sound about it.
Lead vocals,superb,E M O T I O N,you can never mistake that.
Very nice backing vocals as well.
Nice gentle arangement going on in the background with the strings...
Very nice lead,nothing too over the top.
The mix is minimalist,placing the vocals centre stage,and with a song that is lyric driven that has to be right.
Yep,another CLASS composition.


Monkey B
04/23/08 01:01:06PM @monkey-b:
Really good lyrics and with such an important message to convey, I like that they are out front in the mix a bit. KILLER vox. Band is tight. Nice guitar tone and the lead around the 2:35 mark is sweet & subtle. Good tune all around.
02/14/08 12:28:43PM @ab1:
nice soundin pick bass.. cut to the chase.. man your voice would be my choice dazed.. this is rock and pop.. perfect for a romantic day.. professing our love.. this has an ambitious singing plan.. lots of harmonies in groups going on in counter rhythm.. really RnB in that sense.. that's the pop aspect of it too.. the hook.. it's a very dynamic one up there.. you are higher than usual D.. and it sounds strong.. this is a very memorable song.. cheers.. :-)
02/14/08 11:20:23AM @the-bard-brothers:
Interesting composition. Like the staccato strings in the verse breaks. Layered vocals are tight, though I might try to separate them a little bit more. Overall production is tight. A solid tune. Best of the 80's guitar solo here-- a nice touch.
11/23/08 12:24:07PM @vesa:
Very good vocals; (wish I could sing).Fine harmonies really add so well to this. A very expressive tune, emotive, letting your heart out in love...Well written. Wonderful guitar playing; great tone.
A well arranged song with fine chemistry. This is produced very well; all instruments in the right sound level and placement. Good artistry.
EXCELLENT song DAZED. -Your friend- Vesa.

12/01/07 08:42:21AM @structural-damage:
Hey Dazed
First Thanks for the Invite to the site ( Very Cool )

Shadows is really beautiful and well arranged , clean clear recording
Every thing is perfect in this track
Thank you for a really good listen

05/20/07 10:58:01AM @mike-g:
I really like this one Dazed as I lost someone I loved dearly recently. You guys did a great job.
Paul Michael
04/15/07 06:32:54PM @paul-michael:
This track is Very good, as is the rest of your material! Great vocals, instrumentation and mix. Well done!
04/15/07 04:42:16PM @chrickon:
Great track, great performance esp. Warren for his drum works and as always a great production.

04/15/07 03:38:01PM @michael:
Very cool tune guys loved every thing ..great job all around


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