album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Slow Rock
streams: 564

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This is our new track. I've been slow getting back to things. Warren and Dazed great job on everything as always it's a pleasure to work with you both....
11/28/11 10:07:01PM @david-c-deal:
Wow...I've been listening To a bunch of these songs... I feel like I've discovered a sonic gold mine.... as well as the echoes of some earlier tragedy..the kind of tragedy perhaps that I have recently experienced myself. Anyhow, back to the music I am just blown away about how good these collab songs are. Wow

07/12/09 12:23:56PM @vesa:
This has a 'Brit sound' to me...not sure where I'm getting that from, something just struck me...anyway, like the easy going acoustic guitar. Fine electric seering into the realm, nicely arranged. Good expressive singing. Most enjoyable song. Good lyrics.Fine chemistry here. Spun it several times.
EXCELLENT composition. Like it. Wonderful production.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

06/19/09 10:16:50AM @mark-reed:
This is one hell of a collaboration, Instruments are superb. Lyrics and the delivery are magic. Once again the mix on this is pure class well done
09/04/08 07:41:33AM @ab2:
Ahhh...Very nice piece of music...has a lovely, warm, Beatles (Lennon) feel to it that sits very comfortably with me listening style..You sure can sing..:-) Beautiful guitars, all in all a beautiful song...I`d suggest you don`t change anything..:-)

peace n love Mags :-)

Luca Wulf
08/08/08 07:44:28PM @huge-artist:
A little late night listening here :)
Another great catchy piece this mate.
Right from the get go,you want to see where it is going...
A christams eve....
Ah a magical time in a very cynical world,still it retains that piece of magic...
Perhaps it is because of our children that we still feel that?
Well the world could use all the magic ande joy it can find,so it always gets my vote provided someone buys me a new guitar LOL............
As always,excellent musicanship.
It feels warm and cozy by the fire,excellent vocals.
Greatly enjoyed :)


Guy Chant
01/09/08 10:19:34AM @guy-chant:
Great song - has a familiar feel to it, initially a bit Bowie Sace Oddityesq, then something I can put my finger on. Excellent work and very enjoyable. Thanks. Guy
12/19/07 09:02:07PM @pyramis:
Damn man,this is good stuff !!! Love those harmonies,and like the acoustic guitar tones,reminiscent of a little old band from merry old England known as Pink Floyd. Nice work brothers,excellent production and one fine damn song.

12/18/07 11:34:25PM @rob-hanlon:
Excellent recording quality and performance by all. You guys work really well together. Subtly done but powerfully emotional.
12/11/07 07:32:14PM @markm:
I really dig the acoustic lead break followed by the electric lead. Nice touch on a very sweet piece of music.
Rob Grant
12/11/07 08:13:24AM @rayon-vert:
A Second comment after a few more listens.....THIS is an EXCELLENT Song, which certainly should be in the mainstream. This is my current FAVORITE Song ............it has REALLY Hit me hard!! GREAT JOB!! ++++++++++++++

Rob Grant
12/02/07 11:12:56AM @rayon-vert:
This is a VERY Moving performance. You guys play SO WELL together. I have to ask....Do you co-write all of these songs or know each other so well, that the parts just fit perfectly? GREAT SONG!!

06/28/08 06:41:43AM @syngularity:
Adorable vocal and crystal clear guitars... I love this modern style of songwriting, and I also feel John Lennon influences here. Perfect heart-melting arrangement, and all the performers are so good. While people are talking about their commercial favorites, I prefer songs like thise one. We're all going through changes all the time, but some music is timeless. Thanx for the download option.

11/09/07 09:30:36AM @lex-zaleta:
I liked this right from those opening strums! Extremely listenable from any aspect - the quality lyrics, the most comfortable accompaniment (especially the acoustic work), and the top-notch vocals. A mighty fine composition.
Main Pie
11/07/07 09:42:31PM @main-pie:
Nice classic rock tune!!
The tune crafting is outstanding!
I love hearing stuff like this with so much soul!
The radio today needs more tunes like this one!
Thanks for bringing me some soul!!!!


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