You Know Me - Demo

album: Dazed
genre: SSTM June 2010
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Well my voice is not 100% but I wanted to get this out there for the Same Song Title Madness. This is just a demo with no real mix to it. As they say, it is...
You Know Me - Demo
11/12/11 01:35:43PM @shane:
i like the groove that starts this composition off , and then builds from there.
I'd bet, that ever since this demo you've been eager to come back to it with time to take it further- yet the fast rush of life just doesn't let you . LOL. well that's me guessing- based on my own aggravations- of not enough time ! This composition though is passion - expressed in rock music.

07/28/10 02:18:19AM @kandeekris:
I like the lyrics...but at one point the guitar and drum tracks don't match up, so it's hard to enjoy it. Sorry. :(
07/09/10 06:57:56AM @bri-an:
...a gem it is. Look forward to shinin this puppy up.
07/07/10 01:25:11PM @dj-jezza:
This puts my keyboard/synth track to shame lol - too bad mix was slowly buffering this track to me......

Anyways excellent punchy guitars, soul style singing and overall production as always was ace.


06/28/10 05:47:29PM @mark-cloutier:
some punchy guitar--gotta love it with soulful vox and thats rock n roll baby!Nice work with the arrangement with great lyrics! cheers from new york!
Rob Grant
06/28/10 05:19:53PM @rayon-vert:
I too, look forward to the completion of this song. There ain't nothing I don't like about the song as written, sung and performed. A little clean up and it's a HIT!!!! LOVE your vox and always have!!

06/27/10 07:52:16PM @tlt50:
Demo.....a WIP.....true. This has all the elements to be an outstanding track. You're vocals and songwriting skills are amazing...!! This is a great addition to the SSTM...Musicianship,performances are killar'...WTG !!!

Larry T

bill b
06/27/10 10:59:27AM @bill-b:
I agree with the other reviewers
-I like the overall way the song is written, the vocal melody and presentation(although it is low in the mix.

-Not to be overly critical but If I was to produce this I'd like to add --JMO--- that the rhythm guitar at least for the way this song seems to be written, would be better suited to a lighter voxy chime pop, to offset the heavy lead. IOW Id try to get rid of that 80's kinda Heavy power guitar thing and go for a fresher a more poppy sounding vibe maybe a bit more dance speed.
-There is a foundation for a very good song as its well structured, although the repeating, almost looped? sounding guitar arpeggio grated me and I dont think worked very well as it seemed the timing was off.
Just my thoughts ya Im evil I know but thats what demos are for aint they?.
I do look forward to hearing the final results.

stephan foster
06/27/10 10:26:50AM @stephan-foster:
Sounds great Dazed, but I do agree with Mike that the vocals are lost in the mix. It also sounds like the drums are behind ever so slightly, slowing the overall effect. Can't wait to hear the finished piece!

06/27/10 01:28:43AM @mike-lynn:
Great stuff Dazed, surely the right way to go. As you said, this is before any mixing, so your voice is drowning a bit inside the backings. The guitarwork is superb but a bit too loud in this current mix. Excellent / Mike


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