Gary Hart
Gary Hart
Gary Hart

Behind The Mask

album: Shining Through
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 733

Behind The Mask
08/15/10 06:34:49AM @geezers-go:
Really liked this track. Good job! Loved the almost "Tom Sawyerish" intro, hah!
11/17/09 07:23:56AM @implied-logic:
Okay, I like to review while I progress through each piece. And I must say this song is progressing nicely through the intro. Inching forward with a purpose.I like that the snare is not over compressed or over processed. Very important. It doesn't sound "fake" like all of the kid bands. Nice kick. As a bassist, I thrive on the kick. Great tone on the guitar and bass. The vocals have a great inter-play going on, making this interesting. Great job! ~Crystal
10/07/09 10:03:05PM @omegamon:
this is a nice ride man from start to finish, did you play the bass and guitar parts too??..digging the whole overall vibe..tasty guitar playing..i'll be back to hear some more soon! thanks


09/28/08 02:05:30AM @vesa:
This has a macabre touch at the start. Very cool building up of guitar. Good rockin. Fine vocals; maybe just slightly downed by the deep bass and bottom. Not bad though, some level recheck. Otherwise fine harmonies. Great drumming. Give the percussionist and bassist a pat on the back. Great weaving guitar work. Fine lyrics. EXCELLENT rocker shaker. Reminds me of our Canadian band -'Rush'. Cool.
Take care. -Vesa

09/24/08 07:17:08AM @dazed:
Love that opening! Very good song. Digging the vocals. Great harmonies and that rhythm guitar work is tasty. Not a fan of the solo. It does not fit the song to me. You have a great melody on the song and the solo tried to to get a bit flashy. Just my two cents.

Overall I love the tune!

09/23/08 10:34:49PM @piperon:
I like those hard rock music that bring out the enima in the listening. You seems to have the elements in your music but I suggest a more stronger fusion in your work - if you want to do it - bring out all the best might - don't reserve - just bring out everything. Don't be shy, there is nothing wrong in expression in music. You just have to believe in yourself. I enjoyed this piece but if I were to compare my favourite track Bring me back to life - it is still a long way to reach the standard but I strongly believe if you have such passion, it is not tough to hit the jackpot.


With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

09/23/08 09:41:54AM @ab2:
Behind the mask....I guess we all wear them ... Like the dirty sound of the guitar...You have an unusual voice, I like your phrasing...This is`nt what I`d normally listen to but it`s good to listen to something different occasionally...:-)Puts things in perspective..:-)

peace n love Mags :-)

12/08/09 08:25:26AM @shane:
Gary, ACE !

several very nice song innovations occur in this-

admirable work Gary- i like it


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