Gary Hart
Gary Hart
Gary Hart

Shining Through

album: Shining Through
genre: Hard Rock
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Shining Through
01/24/11 04:25:26AM @dave-meredith:
Gary, hello!. How are you?.. This has some guts!!..Those big big riffs and deep guitar tones and punching drums are very well structured!.. Voice is solid,very solid... clear and sits well in the overall mix!... Nice work Gary!
04/01/10 12:34:16AM @digger-stone:
tthis rocks it's ass off! your guitar tone is crunchin on this kick ass song. love the vox, and the drums are smokin!

well done brother, really enjoyed this!


10/27/09 06:45:22PM @000:
Great sound you have here Gary. Great stuff!!
10/07/09 10:08:29PM @omegamon:
yeah..yeah, i like my guitars crunchy like this too, i like the vocals on this one too, great double bass drum stuff and a good clean, tight mix...


01/23/09 09:29:50AM @vesa:
Gotta get me some of the rockin sound this morning to get my blood flowing; think I found it.YEP!! Good vocals; solid singing, with a great backup. Like the great percussion playing. Fine groove. Good harmonies, gives some texture. Like this progression, with fine guitar artistry. Well thought through track. FAB stuff. Yeah!
EXCELLENT production; fine arrangement. REALLY KICKS neatly.
Great!! -Your friend. -Vesa.

12/08/09 08:33:28AM @shane:
very fine !

Gary , there are alot of admirable aspects to this track,, really great heavy sound-

however, my brain just doesnt seem to want to think technical today- i want to just convey that i like your tracks and admire alot of aspects of your sounds and style.

one thing i really love is the guitar sound you capture. very fine man !!! your vox are great too.


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