Gary Hart
Gary Hart
Gary Hart

One Step Closer

album: Collaboration Corner - Artist Around The world
genre: Hard Rock
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Gary Hart - Guitars, Mixing Bill Johnson - Vocals, Guitars, Mixing Mastering Digger!!...This has been a killer Collaboration man! What a power house song!...
One Step Closer
11/08/11 04:51:30PM @dolce:
You nailed this one! Right now, I am totally feelin' this tune.


11/08/11 03:47:51PM @cooter:
I must really be going out of my mind! I could swear I left a review on this. But it's not here, so I will correct that right now!

This is kick ass, down and dirty, hitting all the right spots, smokin rock-n-roll, gents! Everything so well done. Driving beat that will not let go. A take no prisoners style which demands attention... by earning it. Outstanding musicianship, and vocals as good as vocals get. Period.

Love it, guys. You two are a mighty potent pair together.


11/08/11 03:12:41PM @nightrain:
Rockin Rockin Rockin. You 2 work well together. Keep it up.
01/24/11 04:26:19AM @all-the-above:
01/22/11 06:40:26PM @joseph-j:
Killer tune all the way around!
Lyrical Princess
01/19/11 05:08:03PM @lyrical-princess:
Oh, And did I forget to mention..?? I give it 5***** +++++
And Thank You for the D/L :))

Lyrical Princess
01/19/11 05:04:49PM @lyrical-princess:
What an Awesome Collaboration.. This song really ROCKS!! Got the speakers turned way up.. I have had the privilege of hearing this a few times in the chat.. Carol always requests it :) Truly a great listen.. Hoping to hear more from you guys.. Great team!!

All The Best,

01/17/11 08:10:49PM @david-c-deal:
I am so grateful Carol pointed out this masterpiece of rock guts. The vocals are incredibly good and the guitar and bass create their own fist pounding drive. A five star guitar/vocal rocker!
01/17/11 05:13:52PM @miracle-maker:
Rockin song, has a metallica/guns n roses type feel... smokin guitars and vox-- well done. ;)

01/02/11 11:05:04AM @dazed:
Sorry for the late reply on this one guys. Seriously rocking tune. Guitar work is extreme! Gary I love your playing style. Digger your voxs fit so well on this tune! You killed it man. Well done you guys. I would not change a thing.
Rob Grant
12/22/10 01:53:37PM @rayon-vert:
This is ROCK!!!!! Gary, you have a POWERHOUSE Song here. I'm an old "Priest" Fan and this vibes with them. Digger, I knew you could belt out some heavy rock. Your vox are nothing short of EXCELLENT. Yeah......I agree, you should do some more together.

12/18/10 12:57:55AM @buddrumming:
Hey Bro....'kicken ass'...Rockin out Gary... love the intro..kool vocals really suits the energy of the tune....awesome collab...Loved it ...:) Thx, Bud
12/18/10 12:57:48AM @buddrumming:
Hey Bro....'kicken ass'...Rockin out Gary... love the intro..kool vocals really suits the energy of the tune....awesome collab...Loved it ...:) Thx, Bud
12/17/10 09:17:04PM @digger-stone:
that's bad ass Nigel!
Mike Prather
12/15/10 11:26:50PM @mike-prather:
Kick ass tune guys .. makes me wanna head bang .. but I'd probably fall down :)


12/14/10 10:04:53PM @tlt50:
This combines....2 amazing, muscians, artists ...that I know off. You gents nailed this.....superb performances.. killar' listen....WTG. There's so much talent going on...I'd love the bass, brought up, and all the guitar tracks clearer...with each finding its space ,within the mix... This track has it all guys...AWESOME,

Larry T

12/14/10 08:37:01PM @bilbozo:
A powerhouse rocker fellas. Good driving music...I could see myself going over the speed limit listening to this ! Thanks for keeping this genre of music live and kickin ! - Bilbozo
Farrell Jackson
12/14/10 02:19:53PM @farrell-jackson:
Oh yeah this is rockin' without a doubt! Gary and Digger you guys rock on this song! Gary's intense guitar work and Digger's intense vocal work...well this is a cool match up. It's got a little bit of that biker/Southern Rock blended with 80's Metal....but it's all good rock n' roll to me and this does RAWK fellas! Excellent work!


12/14/10 01:36:24PM @armada1:
Yeah! this is a great song!!

One Step Closer rocks...

12/14/10 01:00:29PM @gary-ramsey:
awesome tune my friend! diggin it
gary burris
01/21/11 09:59:28PM @gary-burris:
This is a smoking Colab great tune in your face rock and roll
just the way I like it great guitar rips you zoomin brotha

12/15/10 02:53:34PM @digger-stone:
all i can say is this is the best damn colab. i've done to date on the net!

Garry hart! you are indeed the rocker! and a damn cool cat to work with!

keep yer ears open guys, there's more on the way!


Luca Wulf
12/17/10 07:08:27PM @huge-artist:
Just wanted to drop by and say this has been played MANY times in my cold little room in sub-zero England.
It makes ya feel alive.

As Lemmy once said:

"Rock n roll ain't worth the name if it don't make ya strut"

Solid gold gents.
Shake the world!

12/14/10 10:24:45AM @saturated:
WHOA! Great job guys! This just kicks ass! The guitars are smokin and Digger's vocal sounds larger than life! (one of my favorite voices on the mix!)
Just started it again and turned it up. NUFF SAID!

FD Project
12/14/10 10:08:07AM @fd-project:
TOP, drums, vocals....yeeeaaaaahhhh !!!
12/14/10 10:28:53AM @cooter:
Yep! Azz kickin, face burning, high energy rock n roll... down and dirty... and I am loving it, guys!

Whew... that is killer!


12/14/10 10:27:29AM @david-c-deal:
Strong, driving guitars and kick a** vocals. It moves my mind and my body. Fine job.
Mista Perez
12/14/10 10:31:01AM @mista-perez:
Now this is rock at it's best....hard guitars to match the vocals. Yep this kicks ass. Lovin the lyrics on this too. This is one of those songs you have to listen turned up at full volume.
Doctor C
01/17/11 09:52:32AM @doctor-c:
This is a killer rocker! I don't know how I missed it. The guitars are smoking, the vox are just what the doctor ordered, and the rhythm section kicks major ass. What else is needed for a classy rock song? Bravo, gentlemen!
Incarnate Word
12/22/10 01:13:15AM @incarnate-word:
wow killer lol song. this song rocks and is crush. I think its powerful and rawness is what appeals to me most. it real and real is where its at. Great Job!
12/16/10 11:32:40AM @the-cryb-lunarium-ellsbeth-woolgather:
RAWKin' song! WOW! I wanna go, anytime!...Where we goin to? Maybe it's coast to coast, eh =)
12/14/10 09:08:36PM @avalanche:
Hey Gary and Digger...

Thanks for the heads up on this one. Nothing like some really angry hard rock to settle my nerves... :)

Smoking guitar and awesome vocals...the combined talents of you two guys really works on this track.

Very impressive collab...the performances are first rate.

Great stuff!

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

Luca Wulf
12/14/10 11:14:22AM @huge-artist:
Well you know I like a bit of rock n roll.

It's a shame that the heavy rock/metal audience is now confined to forums dedicated to the shrine.
On the week the Judas Priest announced their farewell tour,it is reassuring to listen to this track and know that as long as someone wants to scream injustice,rock is always going to have a place in music.

Reminds me of Zeke,a great hard rock band.
If you haven't heard Dolphenwulf,well wortha listen.

I see you had "Critical" marked down as review style,so with that in mind.
The lead guitar seems to have a tad too much reverb,putting it distant.
The vocal is spot on,great,both in terms of reverb and power.
Beyond such personal taste silliness...
Good balace between the whole "Band" sound and the vocal.

I think this is an excellent track guys.
It is DEFINATELY my music of choice,and would be quite happy to have an album's worth of this.
If the DL is on,I shall certainly DL it.

I think this is one of the best tracks I have heard this year and with that in mind,you'd both be mad to not follow this up with further materail.
Life is a one way ride,a suicide mission and it is way past time we had music like this as it's soundtrack.

Impressed the hell out of me,and it takes a lot in rock music to do that as ,probably like you guys,we've heard it all before.
But this is CLASS,and there is that "Something" about it that first attracted me to rock in the first place.
You both deserve a medal in the halls of metal.
PLEASE,do more.

Would be my track of the year.

12/14/10 08:36:18AM @bri-an:
A$$ kickin, ball slammin, rawk!!! Digg, the intensity in yer vocal work is outstanding!
great drive...rippin guitar werk.
great collab boyz!

01/17/11 12:54:13AM @ex1:
Definitely agree with all the comments below .....Awesome Track !
01/17/11 12:09:21AM @campx:
Cool chorus hook!


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