Artist of the Month April 2021 Knightman5000 (Tim Osbourne)

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By: JimsAE
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Oz has been on the site for a long time, under various names and various projects. He says: Knightman , Is the name upon which Tim ( OZ ) Osborne calls his " Music made with Real Instruments and Machines " Projects and collaborations. Taking elements from Mixing Electronica,Rock,EDM, Heavy Metal,and funk Genres makes his own style and brand of music . Congratulate Oz on being named Artist Of The Month for April 2021! 


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Queen Regina
04/04/21 09:37:04PM @queen-regina:
When I listen to your music, the overall experience is dynamic. Love your voice, over and undertones. You deliver a great feeling. Moves us all. Congratulations on #ArtistOfTheMonth #April2021 You deserve this and I love seeing great artists rewarded for their works. Im very happy for you #ISupportYou You're amazing
Queen Regina
04/04/21 12:30:23PM @queen-regina:
#ArtiatOfTheMonthApril2021 #Congratulations #OZ #Knightman #CEO The Gigglefits and Everyone here on mixstream Radio congratulate you. #BestOfTheBest you are.
Farrell Jackson
04/04/21 09:49:06AM @farrell-jackson:
Congratulations OZ on being selected as The Mixposure Artist of The Month for April!



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