Artist of the Month October 2021 is Firecircle! And Song Of The Month is...

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Yes, Firecircle has been selected by Mixposure as Artist Of The Month for October 2021. Al AKA Firecircle says:

I'm a now sixty year old musician/producer from Scotland a small country attatched to england for our troubles :)

Started playing in '66 writing in '80 and worked as a session player from '76 to '93.

These days I collab with a number of players and writers through the internet and remix tracks for a few artists.

I'm physically disabled so I don't gig anymore but although that's a loss for me I still  enjoy working on the music in my

studio loving what i'm hearing here so far hope this can become a long term home


Song Of The Month for October 2021 is Freeloader from Ashes For Dreams. Ashes for Dreams is the Irish/Swedish band project of Johan Alm (Ja  mbrains  ) and Karen O’Mahony (  monnodb  ), formed to cement their musical partnership after a successful and invigorating year of collaboration which started with the release of Lie with Me in May, 2016.

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And here's the link: https://mixposure.com/ashes-for-dreams/audio/29724/freeloader

10/02/21 05:42:08PM @thedicklayman:
Farrell Jackson
10/02/21 10:17:55AM @farrell-jackson:
Congrats on being selected as Mixposure's Artist of the Month Al, @firecircle !
10/01/21 06:12:19PM @wricky:
@firecircle right on right on 👍🍺


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