Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Wondering (feat. RoachByte)

album: Stoned Headphones
genre: alt rock
streams: 36

Wondering (feat. RoachByte)
04/30/20 07:03:49PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks for all the comments and for your support! YOU all ROCK!!!
04/30/20 04:41:04PM @jimsae:
Cooter and I played this on our show Monday night, and the response was fantastic! You two make great music together!
Farrell Jackson
04/30/20 11:53:47AM @farrell-jackson:
A great build up from the mellow start to when the heavier rhythms come in and then the pull back ...top shelf Lorne!


04/29/20 09:06:25PM @hydrogen3:
Very much enjoyed this!! ❤️
04/29/20 07:11:53PM @josephrodz:
Love it the first time I hear it on mixstream radio,
sweet, passion,smooth & raw power!

carol sue
04/29/20 07:00:01PM @carol-sue:
You guys captured some magic here!
Love it! :) Bravo! *****

04/28/20 04:39:06PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Ronbo. Getting a groove on with Buddy from Sweden.
04/28/20 04:37:05PM @ronbowes:
Very melancholic intro. Still a bit of drive in there though, and then it hits in. Reminds me of Bowie from "The Man who sold the world" era.


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