Animal Souls
Animal Souls
Animal Souls

Soul Dance Redux

album: single
genre: Indie Rock-Pop
streams: 37
creation date: 2022-04-14

  Song Information
This is a fresh re-mix of 'Soul Dance', the 3rd track from my 2021 album 'Wisdom of Crowds'. Release Date: May 6, 2022
Soul Dance Redux
Darren Holland Project
01/25/23 08:41:29AM @darren-holland-project:
This is one of my favs from you, Michael. Such haunting vocals and a well-written song.
04/16/22 10:06:44PM @moequinn:
Mmmmm this is quite beautiful ~ mesmerizing....draws listener into the song
as @josephrodz wrote ~ blues with passion ~ I wish it were longer
thank you for sharing

04/15/22 10:26:30AM @josephrodz:
Love the blues with passion and this one is full of that, 5 stars.


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