Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

A Ghost for every Season

album: 8$ Raw
genre: Rock
streams: 16

A Ghost for every Season
carol sue
08/30/20 12:48:05PM @carol-sue:
Holy smokes! You raised the bar.. powerfully.
Cheers to being over the top- of B r a v o!!!!!!!!!!
Omg, that was amazing. ***** dang-it.. no download. hehe.. :)

08/28/20 02:03:12PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks guys. Getting pretty deep into the Art rock on this one!
08/28/20 02:02:58PM @hellz-abyss:
Not many people can play a lead that gells with a vocal and the dynamics of that bass in the quiet parts are freaking spot on I feel transported back to a classic record that I loved
08/28/20 01:59:14PM @hellz-abyss:
Awsome Lorne
Farrell Jackson
08/28/20 12:10:33PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool song Lorne and PMK. It starts off with a touch of heavy blues feel in the guitars but quickly turns a corner into Dio land when the vocals enter. Nice work fellas!


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