Promises - Part1

album: "I'll try 'til I die"
genre: hip hop
streams: 16

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I'm so tired of all your promisesAnd all the lies I've heard for so longNow it's time to change the situationAnd live my life for me and me aloneI seem to...
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Not my usual genre at all but this track was written as a demo pitch for a film scene and, although it was shortlisted from a large number of entries, it...
Promises - Part1
02/22/21 09:46:53AM @phillipfoxley:
Hey @carol-sue, thanks a million for your superb comment, it means such a lot, especially as I was reluctant to upload this demo track as it still has my vocal on it.
carol sue
02/22/21 06:04:17AM @carol-sue:
Felt like I was front row!
Amazing song, stunning production, smooth vocal, lyric and instruments..
Absolutely fab!! :) Bravo! *****


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