Voodoo Woman

album: NA
genre: Hard Rock
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Working on a number of projects at the moment, but taking a break to sling this one together
Voodoo Woman
carol sue
02/04/19 05:35:11PM @carol-sue:
You always bring such positive energy to your music..
even when you sing about a Voodoo Woman!
Cool tune, by one cool guy! *****

02/04/19 08:48:17AM @ronbowes:
Thank ya kindly @farrell-jackson and @tony-cee
tony cee
02/03/19 07:39:32AM @tony-cee:
sounds superb ron tapping my feet , cheers ....tony cee
Farrell Jackson
02/01/19 08:00:42PM @farrell-jackson:
That Voodoo Woman looks like quite a handful Cuz ! Be careful or she'll stick some pins in a voodoo doll in your likeness..... A cool rocker with some crunchy guitar and good lyric/vocals. Well done!


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