I Am Never Satisfied

album: NA
genre: Blues Rock
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I am Never Satisfied (Ron D Bowes) Serve me up a chilli dogI could eat a whole hogPour me out a beer or twoEven though I've had a few I can't help the way I...
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Got a lot of real life problems to deal with at the moment. So, I shall be missing in action some of the time. When things settle, I shall be back to my...
I Am Never Satisfied
carol sue
03/05/20 10:17:53AM @carol-sue:
Spirit lifter~ I love hearing your upbeat music!
Carry on my friend.. such a fan I am, I am. ;)

03/03/20 06:29:27AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @farrell-jackson @moquinn and @jimsae for the kind comments ;-)
02/29/20 12:46:43PM @jimsae:
You are one fine songwriter/performer, Ron Bowes! The harp is awesome, the groove, perfect... Love this!
02/27/20 10:48:04PM @moquinn:
@ronboses feeling a heavy heart today ~ music is my refuge & your songs always RAWK & cheer me ~ thanks for all you share.... & then I read your story behind the song ~ sorry you are dealing with some heavy real life problems (I can commiserate with that) I do hope everything works out well for you Ron you are loved & missed

Farrell Jackson
02/24/20 08:53:45AM @farrell-jackson:
Distorted blues harp, crunchy guitars, gritty vocals and a rockin' song.....what's not to like? Another good one cuz Ron. I like your production choice of pulling the song back a bit near the end and then rockin' on out to the end...a great dynamic decision!



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