It Ain't the End of the World

album: NA
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 29

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It Ain't the End of the World I always find it hard to have a rocking time I was born under a bad sign I never ever seem to get that lucky break I really...
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Took a little bit longer than usual with this one. It may not sound it, but it's a bit more ambitious. 3 midi instruments added - piano, brass, and I added...
It Ain't the End of the World
07/07/20 05:39:05AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @gary-dabrowski @lorne-reid @farrell-jackson and @moquinn Much obliged to you all ;-)
07/03/20 07:25:55PM @moquinn:
you glass is never half full....nope, cuz you drink it up ;)
Farrell Jackson
07/03/20 12:05:28PM @farrell-jackson:
Super guitar solos and the O.D. rhythm guitar has that sought after tone...just right. A cool swagger with your vox delivery and you know I dig the harp...well done cuz!
Gary Dabrowski
07/03/20 11:19:52AM @gary-dabrowski:
oh no Ron B!...maybe tomorrow will be better...nice 'blues rocker'
07/03/20 10:49:10AM @lorne-reid:
Nice echo on the harp! Punchy breaks. Cool track mister!! Great background guitar licks too. Weaves it all together.


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