Nothing On Me (Remastered)

album: Clean Mind, Dirty Thoughts
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 19

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The original version of this song is on the album "Clean Thoughts, Dirty Mind". Frankly the mix was bloody awful, but it proved relatively popular on...
Nothing On Me (Remastered)
12/15/20 08:43:18AM @ronbowes:
I loved this track when I first recorded it. Ended up disliking it because the mix was so poor and the bass line sucked. Now it has a new coat of paint - I like it again ;-)
carol sue
12/14/20 11:19:12AM @carol-sue:
This sparkles + shines so bright.
Crisp, clean and undeniably done Blackwater Bowes style!
Rockin' cool tune + album!! A+ :)


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