I've Seen Things You Won't Believe

album: Apocalypse? What Apocalypse?
genre: Rock
streams: 24

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Another track that may well go on the nearly completed album
I've Seen Things You Won't Believe
09/17/21 01:33:16PM @ronbowes:
Thanks for the cool feedback @tony-carlozzi @farrell-jackson @twank-whelan and @firecircle ;-)
09/14/21 05:49:30PM @firecircle:
Like your vocals man and the rest is pretty damn cool to
Twank Whelan
09/11/21 02:15:29PM @twank-whelan:
Cool tune Ron. Good lyric, I like the way you worked a bit of "Highway 61 - Revisited" in there! Top marks for performances and production, ya got a good one here.
Farrell Jackson
09/10/21 06:52:26PM @farrell-jackson:
That big eye staring at me is freaking me out....This will be a good addition to album #100, lol. All kidding aside, it will truly be a good add. Outstanding guitar here Cuz!
Tony Carlozzi
09/10/21 10:31:15AM @tony-carlozzi:
This is a killer track loving this one Ron Bowes #DjTonyC #Pickhit


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