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My Blossom Mate

album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
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My Blossom Mate
Shifter Sisters
12/10/20 01:56:19AM @shifter-sisters:
@josephrodz thank you so much Joseph for these nice words and info for shows. It's 2 am central European time, a little late, but maybe I can catch some show from time to time.
regards and hugs, stay safe

12/02/20 03:17:19PM @josephrodz:
Good music to meditate in a forest, lake, wine and good company. nice job.
btw all shows is at 8:00pm est. you are very welcome.

Shifter Sisters
12/01/20 12:41:22PM @shifter-sisters:
@jimsae ohhh thank you so much..! I am happy to hear that and Malni would be too for sure..!
hard to believe that the same persons are working on both
tell me when is your next show, maybe we can catch it..!
Regards and hugs from both of us..!

12/01/20 10:59:18AM @jimsae:
Another wonderful track, Danijela. I played this one and Master of Chains last night. Everyone at the show loved the new music!
Shifter Sisters
11/29/20 12:05:08PM @shifter-sisters:
@gary-dabrowski thank you so much, Gary..! Melani's voice is special, I agree...
Stay cool and safe..!

Gary Dabrowski
11/28/20 08:33:06PM @gary-dabrowski:
love the song and your voice!...


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