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Don't Be Afraid

album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
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Don´t Be Afraid                                                      lyrics by Melani Cholie                 Another morning of a rainy days ruin You feel...
Don't Be Afraid
Shifter Sisters
12/07/20 02:07:48PM @shifter-sisters:
@bad-love-junkie thank you Eric...yes, the theme is well known by all of us emotional people..but who isn't emotional..?
thank you once more for coming and listen to...
stay cool and safe..!

Shifter Sisters
12/07/20 02:04:36PM @shifter-sisters:
@jimsae well... lol...we like both genres...what can we do...can't decide what genre to deal with, so we do both...
Thank you for listening to this one too :) and for this nice comment ...

Shifter Sisters
12/07/20 02:00:51PM @shifter-sisters:
@gary-dabrowski thank you so much Gary for listening to this one too :)
many hugs from both of us..!

12/07/20 11:44:32AM @bad-love-junkie:
Some beautiful work you've created here! The lyrics are very moving and something I think we can all identify with.. I know I can. You have an expressive delivery and there is a vulnerability in your voice. I like as well. All around beautiful song.

12/07/20 10:06:20AM @jimsae:
Wow, I just listened to Soccer Bride, which is definitely a rock track, and now this wonderful ballad. Excellent arrangement, mix, performances, this is such a great listen.
Gary Dabrowski
12/07/20 08:23:45AM @gary-dabrowski:
I enjoyed that!...


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