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Shifter Sisters
Shifter Sisters


album: Enjoy
genre: pop ballad
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Shifter Sisters
02/07/21 08:04:32AM @shifter-sisters:
@carol-sue: sweeeeet comment my dear friend..!
coming from you Carol Sue these words are great compliments..!
a million hugs to you from both of us..!
Happy sisters..! :)

carol sue
02/06/21 04:34:01PM @carol-sue:
As sweet as sweet can be!
I've come to know before listening.. this will be an amazing track.
Incredible talents~ shine on! *****

Shifter Sisters
02/06/21 03:26:43AM @shifter-sisters:
@bad-love-junkie: :) your comment brings big smiles to our faces Eric..!
thank you so much for coming and listen and leave us this comment. It means to us a lot.
we send you many hugs..!

Shifter Sisters
02/06/21 03:20:51AM @shifter-sisters:
@queen-regina Thank you so much, my dear Lady..!
comments like this bring us true happiness...
we send you love and hugs..!

02/05/21 04:06:51PM @bad-love-junkie:
I love a good guitar/vocal track. Like i was saying to Queen. Without a big production it's impossible to hide in the mix which leaves you and your voice front and center. Feeling this one
Great job

Queen Regina
02/03/21 02:38:43PM @queen-regina:
So very beautiful. Just a total delight to hear.


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