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Christmas Prayer

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Each year when the shadows grow longer
When the fist of frost is getting stronger
November tells us that autmn will end
We welcome first Sunday in holy Advent

We close our arms around friends
We take our families by the hands
We marvel with a wide open face
We watch Santas reindeers in peaceful grace

It is the time to unwrap our soul
The gift of love does never foul
Lucent moon glows in caress
Painting magic on our canvas

And each little day makes us wonder
Starlight and good vibes meander
If we keep believing in our neighbours smile
We will always find the given aisle

Beautiful Christmas time
You make our hearts shine
Shifter Sisters
12/23/20 05:21:07PM @shifter-sisters:
Happy Holidays dear friends..!
Danijela & Melani
Shifter Sisters


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