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The ReWlettes To Sir with Love music video teaser

The ReWlettes are happy to announce that their premiere music video for To Sir with Love has an official release slated for January 2021

The ReWlettes To Sir with Love music video teaser is on ReW STaRR's YouTube channel NOW!

Watch and Love here -> To Sir With Love ♥︎ the ReWlettes {teaser}

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The ReWlettes Love YOU!

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About the song To Sir With Love recorded by The ReWlettes

To Sir With Love was originally released in 1967 and was sung by British superstar sensation Lulu

To Sir With Love is the theme song of the 1967 movie of the same name starring screen legend Sidney Poitier

To Sir With Love has been recorded by The ReWlettes as a cover version in August 2019

To Sir With Love was released by Baltimore's Manta Ray Records on May 22, 2020

To Sir With Love by The ReWlettes is considered a modern pop rock interpretation with a Punktry edginess which draws the listener in, and, by the time the song ends, you fall in love with, The ReWlettes!

Based out of New York City, The ReWlettes consist of a blockbuster all female cast of characters!

The ReWlettes entertain through their musical talents, live performance persona, original songs, cover songs and a penchant for bringing meaningful good times to all that listen.


Living Music Legend - ReW StaRR - Lead vocals and Guitar

NYC Music Impresario and Promoter - Anne Husick - Bass Guitar

Critically Acclaimed Mistress of The Ivories - Maya Lo - Keyboards and vocals

Empress of the Back Beat  - Tami Johnson - Drums and Percussion

For more info about The ReWlettes please visit: The ReWlettes on Facebook (link opens in new browser window)

℗ 2020 Manta Ray Records (link opens in new browser window)

Released on: 2020-05-22

Producer: Ingvar Jacobson

"To Sir with Love" is the theme from James Clavell's 1967 film To Sir, with Love. The song was performed by Lulu, and written by Don Black and Mark London (husband of Lulu's longtime manager Marion Massey). Mickie Most produced the record, with Mike Leander arranging and conducting. The song reached No. 1 in the United States record charts, and it became the bestselling song of 1967 in the US.

Currently, as of May 2020 The ReWlettes video for To Sir with Love is in production and is being produced by award winning film maker, Christopher Martini Christopher Martini IMDB

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The ReWlettes - A history of Love

By The ReWlettes, 2020-05-30
The ReWlettes - A history of Love

The story behind the ReWLeTTeS is one of divine intervention.

All these talented ladies play in multiple projects.

There was a gig that Rew was organizing the entire night because her Manta Ray Records head honcho wanted to come play a gig in NYC with his band, which we try to do at least annually.

Well, this gig alone kept getting postponed.

First it was for November, then December, then January and then finally it was set for APRiL 2019!!! OK date set!!

So Rew was going to play with one of her concoctions of her band and slowly every band member was unavailable!

Ok, she was going to be solo, and then decided F it, I’ll just host the night.

Well, I believe Anne was booked to play that night in one of her projects and she said “I’ll play with you!”..

Rew started thinking hmmmmm..

Tami had done many gigs with Rew over the years so Rew reached out to see if she was available. that night.... drum roll...’YES” she said!!

Now Maya was a friend of Rew who after seeing her perform said she would want to play together some day... well there is an incredible twisting of magical forces that unbeknownst to Rew and Maya when they met how Tami and Maya were connected and it all came through Rew!

If you can follow that, good for you!!

Soooo Rew asked Maya if she was available that night to play and BBAM she said “YESSS”... Ok we had a gig!!

We prepared a few rehearsals at Rew’s apartment and were ready to play!

We actually were the ‘Rewdettes!

Well, the gig was at our beloved Ottos Shrunken Head, and after our amazing over the top electric set, Steve, the owner of Ottos said , “Wow I absolutely LOVE the REWLETTES!!!” we were like, OMG that name is so much better!!!!! So tada... the Rewlettes were born!!!!!

Our first adventure on the road after a bunch of NYC shows was off to Manta Ray Records in Baltimore to record ‘To Sir With Love’ as a request from our beloved Zest in Canada.

Mission. accomplished with lots of stories in the fabric of that quilt to last a lifetime...

And now our video is in pre production, another can of worms that will surely all unfold into butterflies...

Stay tuned!!!!

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