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Christopher Martini - Notes From The Director - The ReWlettes "To Sir, with Love" music video

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Christopher Martini - Notes From The Director - The ReWlettes "To Sir, with Love" music video

“I was approached by Paul Richmond from Zest Radio Show to direct a music video for ReW STaRR and The Rewlettes, in early 2020.

Paul has been an ardent supporter of my films, for many years, so because of our personal relationship, I was honored to help him out.

But after hearing the wonderful music of ReW STaRR, I became very excited to embark on the project, and when I was informed it was to help “Feed The Children” it became a no brainer for me.

“Cause” projects are self-fueled and seem to travel well.

I wrote a script for the music video, to shoot on Coney Island, on March 21, 2020, but the pandemic hit and we had to change plans.

We needed to move forward regardless, so I started to plan a music video where each band member would capture their own coverage.

Rather than something overly stylized, or overly clever, I decided on a more Zen approach to the shots; center framing, eye level, and I was able to pull a little nuance and character out of ReW and the band members to add a little gold trim to the video.

With the artistic help of the talented Jimmy King (who photographed David Bowie for many years), the video was taken to another level.

Jimmy suggested to give each band member a school tie, it was the broad stroke of genius, such a small touch, that added a wonderful artistic element to the video.

Jimmy provided feedback on each phase of production, including wardrobe and locations, as well as set dressing, so his guidance was instrumental in the artistic continuity of the video.

I am quite happy with how the video turned out.

It is such a wonderfully written song, and ReW’s cover of it is just marvelous!

So, my plan to really let the song and the music speak for itself, was achieved.

I really hope people spread the video around, so money can be raised to feed our hungry children.

The cause is so important and I think the music and the visuals really carry the message.”

Christopher Martini

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