Twank Whelan
Twank Whelan

Similar Situation - Rogue Fungi

album: Rogue Fungi
genre: hard rock
streams: 37

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Say that you feel itdon't submit with silencelove is the Answer to Violencegot to fight itI never wanted to start a war a black heart will only find beauty...
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These 'shrooms are getting more and more potent....
Similar Situation - Rogue Fungi
Gary Dabrowski
11/30/21 11:33:18AM @gary-dabrowski:
love this one Twank! is the answer fer sure
11/29/21 03:54:22PM @bustert:
Gimme some tasty mushrooms- a real god & fast production-phantastic!
Eric Saitz
11/29/21 11:05:46AM @eric-saitz:
Some hard-hitting lyrics and a fantastic soundscape. Heavy and yet still beautiful. Dave, I love how your handle those lyrics with a smooth growl this time ;) I can tell that you are feeling this one. As you should! Ricky I don't know how ya come up with these gems. Quality every time. Really enjoyed


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