surface tension with waveman

album: learning things
genre: extrumental
streams: 109

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...surface tension , its everywhere man,lol
surface tension with waveman
The Gigglefits
01/27/21 07:54:04PM @the-gigglefits:
Loving this song great vibe and this song made the top 50 countdown hope to see you hear Saturday night 8pm for The Gigglefits top 50 weekly countdown
sly puppy
04/24/18 11:03:17AM @emocion:
Well I thought the least I could do is return the listen and as this features waveman this track seemed an obvious choice.
It’s a kind of eclectic trip lots of fusions happening which is sometimes totally intoxicating.
The slide guitar and the bending of the strings is great very creative and giving a sense of longing...
I like your distant vocal oh ah a lot I’d have put that in here more frequently but as this stands it’s a well accomplished piece with so many interesting touches.


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