classically inspired

album: PMI
genre: rock
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we will find our way .....as crescendos play...............
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from a place of enjoying,listening ,but not quite grasping the grandeur of classical music because Im really just an old guitar player but it does inspire me...
classically inspired
Frank Northcutt
01/15/19 08:02:01PM @frank-northcutt:
What a nice departure for you, Ricky. Love it!
Slick and testeful playing, and shrewd genre morphing. Well done!

01/04/19 11:13:01AM @waveman:
yo ricky, enjoying this track, so many influences at play here, complicated structure you negotiate with ease. good stuff man
12/15/18 02:41:04PM @lorne-reid:
huge flavor !!! Great guitar work and arrangement. Cheers!!!
Gary Dabrowski
12/15/18 01:00:55PM @gary-dabrowski:
cool song Wricky!...read your bio, and I can relate...ironically, that's one of the reasons I left the 'music business'...can't stand to play (or listen) in one 'musical box' for long...guess I just love too many types of music...
12/10/18 06:35:54AM @wricky:
@carol-sue @farrell-jackson @tlt50 @ron-bowes- Thanks , and wish you all the best!
12/09/18 11:17:13PM @ronbowes:
Love the guitar work on this
Farrell Jackson
12/09/18 12:07:42PM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent Ricky! I do hear shades of Classical music here or maybe a better description is Classical Rock in the vein of the greats like Tull, Yes, Gentle Giant and The Strawbs...nice all around !
carol sue
12/09/18 09:42:15AM @carol-sue:
So very talented, coloring within the lines.. and then some~ so wonderfully!
An epic inspirational masterpiece. Bravo! *****


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