into the night

album: PMI
genre: rock
streams: 293

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a sort of prog/rock bedtime story  
into the night
Farrell Jackson
07/01/19 11:37:22AM @farrell-jackson:
Back for another listen. This is a great slice of the progg pie Ricky!
Barefoot Music
06/14/19 07:44:51PM @barefoot-music-group:
Killer Ricky!
Resonates well with a fellow insomniac. Pun intended.

06/09/19 04:35:03PM @lorne-reid:
Great work Ricky. Love the variety of tones and guitars. Nice blend of soft and harder spots. Cheers!
Farrell Jackson
06/04/19 09:39:01AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a good one Ricky! I don't mind lengthy songs as long as they are interesting throughout and this one certainly is that. Cool guitar work/sounds and some fine vocals.


Gary Dabrowski
05/29/19 09:58:40PM @gary-dabrowski:
nice!...interesting song Ricky...
carol sue
05/27/19 07:18:09AM @carol-sue:
Heard this epic beauty on MixStream radio!
Nicely done, Ricky! *****

05/26/19 06:37:13AM @ronbowes:
I'm getting a real Roxy Music vibe from this bro. Great track.
05/25/19 02:14:27PM @waveman:
how ya doin ricky, hope all is well in the land of heat. lovin the meaty sound on the guitar strum, lots of cool arrangement gymnastics, good job on the vocal too. as for song length..they end when they end
05/24/19 06:17:27AM @wricky:
Thanks Frank !
Frank Northcutt
05/23/19 08:52:07AM @frank-northcutt:
Good tune, Ricky! Nice changes throughout, really holds your attention. Awesome guitar work, as usual.


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