album: Zee Zzaj Zinger
genre: Vocal
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08/14/08 12:49:37PM @test200:
This has a great swirling ambience to it, you just hop on the vibe and ride with it. A spacy smooth mind altering experience. Different instrumentations and voicing are like colors adding to the trip. Dig this kind of stuff and you did it justice, just letting it flow out...well done
11/19/08 08:45:44AM @mark-reed:
This to me is the musical version of a Saturday morning shopping session. lots going on, all of it seemingly unrelated. Yet all with the same goal in mind. Very clever piece. well done
Luca Wulf
08/01/08 07:30:55PM @huge-artist:
Grabs download with a smile and a thank you :)


Luca Wulf
08/01/08 07:29:55PM @huge-artist:
Very spacious piece Dick.
Endless blue skies,perhaps even some other world....
Well at least the mind is on some other plain :)
As in other of your pieces,I detect a Hawkwind vibe...
I know it is probably not intended,but to me they were the masters of these spaced out pieces,where so much happened around a simple pattern that spun it into the most complex of soundscapes...
Even that occaisonal lead reminds me of Huw Lloyd Langton at his best.
This is a little gem mate,a beautiful song to just drift away with.


07/14/08 08:20:33PM @zzaj:
Hey, Blake... many THANKS for the review. This is an interesting one for me, too, 'coz it features the original guitars as well as overlays (guitar, I mean) by Eric Wallack, a VERY capable psych guitarist. Glad you dug it!
07/14/08 07:19:23PM @tcp:
Complexity made simple? Simplicity made complex? A chant? Does it matter? There's something very organic and musical going on. The voice(s), string plucking, strumming and subtle lead guitar add up to a unique and strangly satisfying tune. You scored some point here zzaj!! Real nice indeed! ~Blake
07/12/08 04:37:51PM @ked-records:
ooooooh!!!!! loved the intro.. how subtle yet ear grabbing! Some real intresting and most unique aproach to using the voice to create another beautiful strain in this ultra way cool composition.. People of Mixposure.. come listen.. you wont be disapointed..
Oh.. and the guitar is just flat out fabulous!

07/11/08 11:39:17AM @vesa:
Am enjoying this with a neat mix, the guitar has an easy movin phrasing going on & some fine riffs, -all is working together, & again you have this cool way of doing just that & it coud be everyone going in different directions, but they are all pulling together as one sound- a sound diacotomy, that's a new way to say it Vesa mmmm yes OK -alot going on but it is a fine mix, things feel like they're cascading in & out & supportng the guitar mostly...works for me..must have more listens -you have created a new genre, it's called 'zajz's way'. from the inside out.
Cool stuff my friend. Dig this.
-Your friend & always an inspired fan. -Vesa.


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