Short Rhodes

album: Whistlepoot Junction
genre: Acapella
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This was a spontaneous creation (from my perspective) on a little Kawaii 74-key board I used to have, before I got my Kurzweill.  Jeff Olson added the...
Short Rhodes
01/24/09 03:58:11PM @mike-s:
This is beautiful. Really right up my street this type of music. Thanks very much for sharing this creation. Beautiful piano playing. I will listen out for more of your stuff.
01/17/09 08:16:34PM @a:
Nice track! your music has a unique intricate style of ambience I find very peaceful, tells a story.
Great stuff

01/03/09 01:46:06PM @gabriel-sabadi:
ok, this one has me picking my jaws up from the floor, brb....lol. Simply a beautiful composition my friend and a testament to your repertoire of exploring new territorys. A wonderful piece to kick back and stare out my window and day dream away!


12/30/08 11:30:33PM @david-c-deal:
This sounds so different from other tunes of yours I have heard. Nice "broadening" composition.
David C Deal

Luca Wulf
08/05/08 02:05:13PM @huge-artist:
Ah now this I could quite happily settle back with.
Something imidiately appealing about this.
It has room to breathe,that I like.
It takes it's time and it gives each note it's due attention.
Any slower it would have dragged and any faster it would have felt hurried,so perfect pacing IMHO.
Beautiful and serene mate,like this a lot :)


07/14/08 05:59:26PM @richard-john:
Beautiful, magical and and melodic. Chilled summer music. Really lovely

07/12/08 04:40:02PM @ked-records:
Man oh man.. zzaj where the heck have you been hiding!!! every one of your compostions are just spectacular tapestries of sound and motion. I am most certainly impressed with your skills and abilities when it comes to making such beautiful music as this piece!!!
thanks you for your muisic . you are indeed a master of your craft!

07/11/08 11:33:51PM @vesa:
Very cool just to hear you 7 just them keys at your fingertips. Very cool. Much of the time I've associated you with this instrument; however it has been behind the shadows of other sounds & multi-mixing instruments.
This feels like I'm on the beach with the waves being calming...this tune is a calming tune. Great feeling emitting here-nice tingling shivers on the synth add a nifty cool touch.
Superb ZZAJ. LOVE THIS. - Your friend. -Vesa.


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