A Brighter Shade of Whale

album: Bluer Than Blue
genre: Avantgarde
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Ernesto & I put about 20 CD's together in the late 1990's and early 2000's... this is from our very first one & reviewers felt like it had more...
A Brighter Shade of Whale
01/06/09 05:10:49AM @brian-mattson:
Yeah, I love the originality you know. Your play on words is fun, and the music is just up my alley. You have a real skill for crafting new vistas in a world where so much sounds the same. I enjoy your style! Brian
11/19/08 08:39:41AM @mark-reed:
This is the second number I've listened to and you have a very unique approach. A super backing with the spoken word delivery. An effective combination which you work so well.
Luca Wulf
12/29/08 11:59:03AM @huge-artist:
Well,I kind of always feel at home with your musical creations...
I think it is through a lifetime of listning to bands like Hawkwind,with all it's solo spin offs,Calvert, Brock,Friends nd Relations etcetera...
This really would fit right into those albums...
It has the same freedom of expression that they have.
Sometimes artist become so focused on giving what they think the public want and totaly sacrifice their own musical expression in doing so.
This for me sounds and feels like musicans following their instinicts and pleasures,and I must say that it is a breath of fresh air.


07/24/08 05:25:46PM @vesa:
This is a cool tune...like that signature spoken word...brings out the lecture genre into a song,/// no one else does like you; that's your very own genre, like it; it tingles, can't explain the sensation...very cosmic with fine synth sounds. Spacey key work, creating a intelligent atmosphere of cool sounds. Great artistry. Most creative.
-Your friend. -Vesa.


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