African Landscape

album: Nowsterday
genre: Art Rock
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Mark and I did this collaboration by mail... I did the original percussion and synth on Kurzweill and he laid down a lot of synth lines and some other...
African Landscape
07/17/08 08:26:25PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Doc, man .. this is not just an African landscape, but also a musical landscape! I really dig the vibe in this tune. Great rhythmic piece with some really nice synth work! It'l be on my show this Saturday, but you gotta stay up late! LOL!!!


01/22/09 12:31:31PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Very creative with a VERY cool vibe going on here Dick. This is the stuff I could listen to ALL day !

~ Gabriel

07/17/08 08:32:11PM @zzaj:
HEY, Mike... L8 is GR8... THANKS, man! If this week's show is anything as fantastic as LAST WEEK's, I'll be in great company... in fact, in light of your PM, you'll find a few other tracks being loaded (today & tomorrow) that are closer to the quality you need. Again, Ich vielen danke!


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