Charlie Beige
Charlie Beige

Way too Shy to Kiss the Sky with Paul Oakley

album: ONE WORLD ONE TRIBE Painted with ONE FACE
genre: Acoustic Rock
streams: 225
creation date: 2008-02-29

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instrumental feat Paul Oakley on lead
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some heavy ACOUSTIC bugging out on the e minor,,,,my favest chord i Paul adds some excellent lead guitar!!
Way too Shy to Kiss the Sky with Paul Oakley
03/01/08 10:31:17AM @diva:
Nice mix of the guitars. Simple but driving tune and very interesting throughout. This is a butt kicker in a subtle way.
02/29/08 10:05:46PM @tlt50:
Pete, Man... I love a somewhat simple groove and taking it to places that are refreshing and show great musicianship....Excellent intro ,then the drums kicked in ..........totally cool vibe on this baby....!!
Great work.....!

Larry T.....

02/29/08 09:56:55AM @mark-reed:
Of your tracks so far, this is my personal favourite. Nice one
02/29/08 08:07:19AM @sandz:
Cool track. I love the guitar arrangement and the keyboard part. I can hear the acoustic rippin out the chord in a cool way. Keep it up.
03/01/08 03:52:38AM @mike-lynn:
The guitar playing is simply brilliant. Great effort.


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