Charlie Beige
Charlie Beige

Feeling Totally GROOVY with Paul Oakley

album: ONE WORLD ONE TRIBE Painted with ONE FACE
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 309
creation date: 2008-01-08

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Paul adds leads to my song with agusto and aplomb
Feeling Totally GROOVY with Paul Oakley
Charlie Beige
05/23/17 08:39:39PM @charlie-beige:
Jims Artificial Earth:
Like I was at an Iron Butterfly and BTO concert! Huge arena-ish sound. Love Paul's leads, as usual, and your acoustic carries this right along. Nice mood shifts, that freless bass sound is perfect, and you pull all this stuff off like a magician whippin' a rabbit out of his hat. Great stuff!

Never too late to reply i say Jim lol
Thanks mate - awesome days and more to come i pc today and then loading progs over the next week or so and then DANG DING DONG recording again

01/09/08 06:25:12AM @robert-smith:
Well I'm feeling totally grooving listenig to this - hey, nice change in sound too.


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