Charlie Beige
Charlie Beige


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@markc, 12/09/16 05:22:14AM
Thanks for all your support and friendship hope to be by the mix a bit more!!CATCH YA SOON!!
cheers from NY!!
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@BucTheGreat, 12/12/07 05:07:08PM
HEY PUNK!!!!! YOU CAN TALK TO ME EVERY ONCE AND AWHILE!!!...:)....We were off and running on tunes...then ya stoped...WTF???? SEND ME A TUNE PUNK!!!! Joke'n about the PUNK thing PUNK...lololololol..:)

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@BucTheGreat, 11/30/07 05:59:35PM
Hi Pete...hey i was hear to listen to your toons...( I'm on dail-up) I tryed to play the lo-fi stream, but nothing happened...Went to RAIN first..then to Coming Back.... but nothing !! humm frustrating !!
Thanks for your input! b.