Charlie Beige
Charlie Beige

Pete & Paul and no Mary

album: ONE WORLD ONE TRIBE Painted with ONE FACE
genre: Acoustic Rock
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Pete & Paul and no Mary
Charlie Beige
04/25/18 07:25:38PM @charlie-beige:
Tricia C:
I am back and starting over.. stupid laptop acted up.. but I will say it again because it needs said! I was first here because I know you are one of the Original Mixposure Artists. We are aubout to have the 10 year anniversary of Mixposure. The title of this song is what drew me in... it is indeed unique.. just as your music is and in a fabulous way! The bass playing just builds as this progresses and I absolutely am mesmerized! We need a reunion of all of you fabulous artists.. I would love to be in the audience on a sandy beach watching you play this! A new fav of mine to listen to and I know you are a great guy with a huge giving heart to those around you! Your support and friendship is epic! Thanks Peter!
Thanks so much Tricia really apppreciated - i have had some trouble logging in here for some reason but seems to have worked this time.
I really like this too the way it builds up and has those dark and light moments and of course Paul Oakley is a dream to have playing leads on anything :)) The man can play play play so well.
I also liked my acoustic arrangement but it didn't sound complete till Paul added bass and leads.
Thanks for the lovely words and thanks also for playing this on the radio 10yr anniversary etc, Great honor and hope it went over well.
Cheers and you are a indie artist supportive megastar :)))

07/26/08 03:04:04PM @vesa:
How did I miss this one...fine guitar tone; easy bass, some what a withdrawn mood, fine addition of the other guitar weaving 'round about the realm of musical pop idol gone astray madness, all up there like Brian Jones, Jim Morrison...guitar cascades in a floating pool of a liquidy realm...door shut wide open. Great composition. Magical journey of sound. EXCELLENT.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

03/01/08 10:17:24AM @diva:
That lead solo guitar is super. Nice flow to this track as well. Very modoy and soulful.
02/29/08 07:14:11PM @that-never-was:
Nice dreamy flow to this. Really cool!
02/29/08 12:10:36PM @test200:
Cool opening mood, the tone and sustain on guitar sets the track. Nice break there to the guitar solo, which by the way smashes through, great playing. One of those tracks you can sit back and let it come to you, works for me.
..smooth instrumental..

02/29/08 11:33:15AM @sandz:
I dont know Syd but this is a cool track. I noticed in 1:31 the music jumps out, maybe its intentional. Anyway, I love your guitar tone and the climax in the lead part is very expressive and emotionaly emphasize. All in all is excellent.
02/29/08 10:12:02AM @mark-reed:
Great track, but for me Sid Barret is an icon, and this never really fitted his style. But good work well done
02/29/08 08:51:23AM @saladin-de-tolosa:
Wonderful : no pastiche but original smooth ambiance. It could be another kind of challenge to produce in a live broadcast way, something like a Peel session, if you see what I mean. In the same spirit, I remember a recording of a live performance on air (BBC) by Tim Buckley : he came with an acoustic guitar and a fellow bassist, and did something very different from the original tunes, but mostly recognizable of course. Great job of yours anyway !


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