Charlie Beige
Charlie Beige

MAN in the GROUND (pete paul and brenda)

album: ONE WORLD ONE TRIBE Painted with ONE FACE
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 297

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my favest collab with two wonderful people Brenda and Paul Oakley...who add lead and backing vox and some awesomeness on the outro pete
MAN in the GROUND (pete paul and brenda)
Charlie Beige
01/02/18 05:10:38PM @charlie-beige:
Tricia C:
I definitely want to leave feedback and gratitude for this song! Played in DJ chat Monday night and this is just beautiful and the lady vocals come in just perfectly! And of course I LOVE lyrics so they reach into my heart and mind indeed! Thank you!
Glad the lyrics hit home in the heart Tricia - Brenda Oakley and Paul Oakley add so much to what was a pretty bare tune - i sent it to them in UK and to say i was pleased with their additions is an understatement - they are absolute pros in my book :)
Thanks Tricia

Charlie Beige
05/08/17 05:33:40PM @charlie-beige:
Gary Shukoski:
This is quite melodic and very intense! Love the Gilmour-ish soloing that takes the song to the end and the cool backing vocals (as Shane pointed out)!
Hi Gary
Thanks for the listening - this was certainly made bigger and better by Paul and Brenda - the way the later part of the song kicked up a that Paul slide and Brenda sings like an angel :)

Gary Shukoski
05/08/17 02:00:53AM @gary-shukoski:
This is quite melodic and very intense! Love the Gilmour-ish soloing that takes the song to the end and the cool backing vocals (as Shane pointed out)!
12/16/16 11:47:18AM @lodato:
Love the sound of this tune. The layered vocals are divine as well that beautiful solo in the center. Pink Floyd reminders but man you got the goods!
10/27/09 04:56:15PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Oldies bu goldies. Love this tune from production, arrangement, performance and vocals! Very cool tune!!! It's on Saturday Night Rocks!


01/11/08 03:37:28AM @shane:
The backing vocals from brenda work b rilliantly here !!!! i like that touch alot. When the track immediately begins, a very very good crafted sound jumps out and hits you in the face- the fine capturing of Pete's ac guitar.

At 2.23 i noticed another guitar in the background, electric,, -- that is an ace daccompiniment. Really like that riff behind there,, pro sounding.

The main vocal is tops. Real good innovations there. At 3.33 this track turns big time serious with the intensity is built and beautified with the Lead Guitar that comes in !!!! i really think that's all excellent. The ah,, backing vox are so well done. So precise in their place , that at first i thought it was a synth , human voice patch,, but,, on close listen, i see it's not a synth but Brenda. Guys,, this track is a surprise at how very well, it's been created and performed. !! Anybody who doesn't like this ,, is wrong LOL.

01/10/08 12:36:47PM @chrickon:
A great song with a strong performance in all ways. Love the acoustic playing.
Great work


01/09/08 07:47:29PM @dazed:
acoustic sounds fantastic as do the vocals. nice harmonics in here..very well placed. solo is pretty much dead on what I would expect. pretty laid back. maybe a little too much delay if there is such a thing hehe.

Very good tune!

01/09/08 03:08:28PM @skin-deep:
wOw. very nice lyrics and acoustic guitar.
I like the mood of the music a lot. nice
vocals, backing vocals, and lead guitar.
somewhat dark and melancholy.

I like the occasional quick panning.
makes it sound more mysterious.

well done by all artists.

01/10/08 03:38:46AM @diva:
I love a good acoustic-driven song with this kind of vibe. Nice changes, arrangement, solid performance. Intelligent mix. This is so well done. Perfect.


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