Charlie Beige
Charlie Beige

Before You Open that Mouth

album: ONE WORLD ONE TRIBE Painted with ONE FACE
genre: Acoustic
streams: 65

  Song Lyrics
Before you open that mouth I'm telling you I'm on the last train south before you open those baby blues I got something to tell you the only way i know how...
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ac pete and vocals pete - one of the first songs i recorded so a bit of a flashback
Before You Open that Mouth
Charlie Beige
11/30/16 04:46:39PM @charlie-beige:

Tricia C: Very nice Peter... lyrics and guitar flow great!!! I hear you're back to Mix from my friend Dace... welcome back and bring us more of your tunes!!!

Thanks Tricia - great to be back around and thanks for the listen and the kind words...i think this is one of the very first things i recorded may years ago.

Will try and get to listen to your songs as well soon..once i finish working ugh!!



Charlie Beige
11/28/16 06:12:25PM @charlie-beige:

Fungus-Dace "] So nice to have ya back around ...ya sound great buddy. I love this style on you..just guitar and vocal..what more do you need? Enjoyed so!! Peter..stick around please.

Thanks Dace - i will stick around like glue on a shoe..might take me years to get with the program but i am always here LOL ohh look the beach is calling me

Thanks for the listen Dace :))

Charlie Beige
11/28/16 05:32:29PM @charlie-beige:

Rusty James:

Nice chord progressions man. Smooth vocal and this song just sounds damn good. :)

Thanks Rusty - appreciate the listen - one of the first simple songs i recorded...i always liked it even if roughish recording. Cheers man!!


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