Charlie Beige
Charlie Beige

Guitar Textures

album: ONE WORLD ONE TRIBE Painted with ONE FACE
genre: Acoustic
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Laid down about 4 or 5 guitar tracks and was looking for a middle eastern feel maybe - added some reverse leads. All done on acoustic
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just a bit of guitar with a breathy percussion behind.
Guitar Textures
12/10/16 01:14:03PM @ronbowes:

Spacey ethereal and trippy. One for listening to laying down and altering the mind. Drift away....

Charlie Beige
11/30/16 04:44:27PM @charlie-beige:

Jims Artificial Earth:

Pete, from that picture, you look healthier than any of us has a right to be, man! Love this. Definitely Pete music, with the great acoustic guitar tones and unique sound textures, a fine, fine track. I am curious and excited to see what Dace comes up with to add to this. So cool to hear music from you, my friend! 

That pic was ummm 4 years ago so have a little more wear and tear on this old body of mine. But thanks Jim :)

I can't wait to hear Dace mans adds as well Jim.

Thanks for the listening and lovely comments

Charlie Beige
11/30/16 04:42:17PM @charlie-beige:

Fungus-Dace "] Im gona mess about with.

COOL Dace - love it if you can...look forward to hearing some Dace man additions :)))))


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