Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou

What if - with Bob Forbes

album: Chris & friends
genre: Rock
streams: 116

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What If Lyrics by Chris G.   Welcome to this game called life, Your stake is only measured in time. Each day you try and understand, While the wheel of...
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All vocals by Bob - RedEyeC Post production/ final mastering by Bob-RedEyeC Lyrics by Chris - and some helping hand on my english by Bob!!! All other little...
What if - with Bob Forbes
Chris Georgiou
03/07/15 07:03:54PM @chris-georgiou:
Thank you David and Gene.
03/07/15 06:26:00PM @gene-smith:
Man oh man! If I were looking for the answer to "How it's DONE!" I need look no further. Just awesome right here!
03/07/15 04:17:46PM @david-c-deal:
Chris and Bob, this is just AWESOME! The guitars on this are spectacular and the lyrics speak to anyone with an open heart. That lead during 4 minutes just pulls heartstrings to the breaking point.


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