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Chris Georgiou
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@vvsmusic - Grimbert Music Productions, 07/30/21 03:39:14PM
"I logged in here again after many years to leave my best wishes to you Chris. ;) Of course, there is also a new song up. "
Endlich, endlich konnte ich auf meinen neuen leistungstarken PC meine anspruchsvolle Software installieren und einrichten. Nach Jahren der Stille macht die Musikproduktion nun wieder Spaß.
Mittlerweile produziere ich Musikatmo für Games. Ist zwar Taschengeld, aber besser als nix.
Hoffe dir geht es gut und bist gesund. Beste Grüße Dude.
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@carol sue, 01/13/19 09:13:47AM
Thank you for visiting my.. rather newer Mixposure page, Chris!
So wonderful to reconnect with you! I hope to hear more of that
wonderful music you create so well.

⭐️Shine on, my friend!!
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@Paul Stokes, 06/07/14 02:43:21PM
Hi Chris I came here for a listen after reading Doug Dickens' comment, and I concur with Doug. Incredible music so far, having only just listened to Echoes which I loved, great key changes and overall arrangement,love the percussion, production is superb. Thank you, I will be back for more as time allows.
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@Bamil Music, 08/31/13 10:47:27PM
Hi Chris, Greeting From West New York!!!