Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou

Gate to universe

album: Magic places
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 647
creation date: 2011-05-23

Gate to universe
08/04/14 11:00:36PM @david-c-deal:
This song seems like the perfect finale to this night of savoring your wonderful creations. Shine On indeed Mr. Chris Georgiou!
06/04/12 05:00:23PM @wrightdude:
Epic! Some nice shred in there! Enjoyed!

Edward Elshoff
10/03/11 01:35:53PM @edward-elshoff:
reminds my of Steve Vai or Joe Satriani, very nice peice of work. would love to know how you did it.
06/18/11 07:11:32PM @chris-moore:
Wow! Just home for a weekend, thought I'd check out your page and here's a new one... another touch of mastery and atmosphere from that incredible mix of guitar and man that is Chris Georgiou. Love that muted riff of a rhythm in there, and the double lead soaring into the stratosphere. You are one remarkable musician, my brother. Rock on, shine on, just keep doing what you do.


05/23/11 03:01:10PM @bri-an:
ya...what Gabe said... love how you emerse yourself in the environment you created.
Big and with foresight.... excellent projection. guitar finesse....smok'ed it.

05/23/11 01:49:03PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Simply amazing work Chris. Nobody does it like you do! Gorgeous soundscape with some incredible guitar work. Shine on my brother!


05/25/11 05:17:25AM @nex-xzit:
Feeling The Axe Man, nice for Sound Track!!!!


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