Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou

round midnight

album: Magic places
genre: Instrumental Rock
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round midnight
01/09/14 03:41:11PM @mike-s:
Love this... thanks for posting. Beautiful.
09/13/11 01:33:55AM @cooter:

If the party was half as fun as the tune, it must have been a great one. Lot of smiling energy here. My foot won't stop tapping. Got some funk... love the chucking guitars behind the soaring lead. Love the choices of instrumentation, too. What a fun listen.


06/02/09 11:00:12AM @mark-reed:
Very crisp intro, this is a cracker. Love the funk groove to this. Once again some brilliant guitar work Really enjoyed this one well done
03/23/09 02:04:50PM @slowmarchingband:
Chris - Right from the intro, I knew I was in for a treat! Nice groove. Solid bass & percussion backing. Smokin' guitar playing with melody. Very good tone too. Love that latin vibe! A feeling of motion this song projects. No sittin' still here...
02/23/09 11:05:11PM @mhw:
Nice track. I love the stereo field you set up. Plus, one of my favorite things, you give the bass/drums the prominence they need. Excellent production & playing.
03/22/09 05:33:08PM @scanvoice:
Very good guitarplay over basicly a one chord track.
It's interesting from beginning to end.
Cool groove from bass and drums.
Love this tune to the max.
Grtzz ScanVoice

Rob Grant
02/23/09 05:25:46PM @rayon-vert:
Nice rockin' gots a groove to it, Man!!! Love that guitar tone, nice percussion, nice theme.......and some frickin' awesome playing!!!

02/23/09 12:41:54PM @tlt50:
Round Midnight a fav for sure... Excellent !


02/23/09 11:30:17AM @tlt50:
Chris.....Damn' what a groove !! Drum track is splendid. This baby is kickin', love that snare. Outstanding ...instrumentation on the backing tracks. Geez bro... you're killing me, what a superb production.Yes..... you're guitar is the star...which shines brightly..... Super cool song..... WOW !!! :-)))

Larry T.....

02/23/09 11:10:24AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Ah, your versatility astounds me Chris. Quite different from your norm but different is GOOD! Still has that signature Chris tone that i have come to love so dearly. And the groove is phenomenal, and you know Gabriel loves a good groove! Bravo my friend. ~ Gabriel
04/21/09 08:38:35AM @blue-sahara:
I thought I'd start the day with one of your tunes Chris! :-) I don't think I've ever heard this song ... Round Midnight, what a groovy beat and sound. The intro is fantastic - it leads us into the song full with interesting surprises and extraordinary musical gems. What a treat! Yes, everything there in the background is wonderful! Super sound on the lead guitar too!
Wonderful Chris!

03/26/09 06:11:04PM @shane:
This is incredible !! Stunning innovation Chris!


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